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Be Sure to Get Your Daily Digest: Newsletter – June 2005

Tuesday, June 7th, 2005

Because we are growing so fast, the number of new books listed daily has risen to over a thousand a day! It can take some time to browse through all of these – what a great problem/opportunity!! 1400+ books a day!

To help you sort through the most recent postings, select the Daily Digest and receive a nightly email for the genres you like. Customize your Daily Digest, selecting your favorite genre or author. The system will sort through all newly posted books in the past 24 hours and pull the ones that meet your specified criteria, emailing you with this information.

PBS Gets Personal with Public Profiles: Newsletter – June 2005

Monday, June 6th, 2005

Now you can get to know your fellow members and let them get to know you too. Public Profiles are a new feature that lets you tell other members about yourself and your interest. You can include information such as your nickname, name, age, location, and any information about yourself or your reading preferences that you would like to share. You can also upload a photo or select an icon to reflect your personality.

Start your profile by selecting a nickname. This nickname will be viewable by other members and will also be part of your personal domain address. For example, if you chose the nickname “lucy”, your personal domain address would be http://lucy.paperbackswap.com. This address can be given to friends and family. By going to this address a visitor will be able to see your active books in the system, Wish list, book reviews, notebook entries, books shipped, and many more exciting features to come. Your Public Profile also offers a Notebook for you to include your thoughts and for others to leave notes to you.

You can also use your profile nickname for referrals instead of giving out your email address. Now you can post your referral links around the internet on other forums without the worry of getting spam in your inbox.

Many members have already selected this exciting feature and have started enjoying being part of a wonderful community of friends on-line.

Saved Searches: Newsletter – June 2005

Monday, June 6th, 2005

Do you find yourself always performing the same searches each time you come to PBS? Well, now you can just save the search. Then PBS will send you a nightly email notifying you if any new books for that search were posted in the last 24 hours! How convenient is that? Yet another PaperBackSwap original!

Don’t Miss Recent Changes: Newsletter – June 2005

Sunday, June 5th, 2005

We’re growing and improving so fast that it would take a mailbox full of emails to tell you what’s going on at PBS. Instead, we’ve created the section titled Recent Changes. Be sure to take a glance often at this section for some of the many improvements that we make for the club and for you.

Smile, You’ve Got Messages: Newsletter – June 2005

Sunday, June 5th, 2005

Yes, you can now send your fellow members personal messages. On the home page of your account, simply click on the “Personal Messages” button (identified as “Send Personal Message” or “Send Message” in other locations). You can send any member a message. Please keep in mind that our site upholds very high moral standards when you are messaging. Please, no profanity, vulgarity, advertising, promoting of sites in conflict with the club or inappropriate commentary on members or the club.

Because we have volunteered our time and worked so hard to provide countless features for our members, we would appreciate all members remaining true to the club by trading books through the club’s system. By offering the Personal Message feature, we’ve created an environment where you can continue to grow closer and closer to the book club members that we like to call “family”. We hope you enjoy this feature.

Live Chat – Ready and Waiting: Newsletter – June 2005

Friday, June 3rd, 2005

We’ve created a Live Chat area for members to enjoy conversing with other members while on-line. The next time you see someone on chat, stop in and give them a shout. You’ll meet the nicest people and chat with other members about topics of interest.

Even when there is no one in chat, log in. I challenge you to be the first to get things started. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at who joins you.

Top Swappers: Newsletter – June 2005

Wednesday, June 1st, 2005

Want to know who the “movers and shakers” are in the club? Check out the “Top Swappers” List. This list shows which members have sent out the most books. You can view this list based on the most recent 7 days, the past 30 days or overall totals. Because these members have lots of wanted books and have completed so many transactions, you may want to add these members to your Buddy List. The +BUDDY button is available for your convenience.

WOW, if you think this was a lot of information, just think of all the work that went into making these improvements for the club! Many thanks to Robert, one of our co-founders, that had many sleepless nights this month. (Do they give out awards for “Least Amount of Sleep” ???????)

Best Wishes and Happy Reading,

The PaperBackSwap Team