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Cookbook Update: Newsletter – September 2008

We have a message from Sherry (royaltech), who is editing the PBS Cookbook.  She is very sorry that her illness has slowed this down, but she has an energetic assistant editor now who is helping push the project through to completion. Thanks, Elizabeth (Cattriona), for your help with this!

Sherry said:

“Hi PBS,   I know that many members are questioning by now, where those cookbooks are that were expected to be finished and ready to be mailed by the end of March.   While many knew I was very sick over the winter and this was slowing down the production on my end, many don’t know that we found the reason. I have now had a double mastectomy, and have started my chemotherapy, which will be followed by radiation.   This does not mean that work has stopped on the cookbook, it simply means I’m slower. I expected to heal much faster from the surgery, but that turned out to be wishful thinking.  The best news tho, is that I now have a helper, and she will be working with me on the layout and I expect us to be able to have this ready to go to the printer very soon. Very soon, as in a couple weeks! I will update in the topic PBS Cookbook News also.   I want everyone to know that this is an absolutely fabulous cookbook that they are waiting on. I know it’s hard to be out the money for the book and not have it come in, but if they will think of it more as being on their wishlist, and a guaranteed granted book, maybe that will help them hold out 🙂   I hope this helps and that everyone will just be able to hold tight and watch the topic above for news and updates on how the book is coming along.   Sincerely, Your biggest fan!” – Sherry N. (royaltech)

Vinyl Stickers are back!  Vinyl Stickers are back!

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