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Dear Members,

You may have seen on the news that Atlanta was hit by a series of torrential downpours that lasted for over a week. Although I was lucky not to be affected severely by it – I did spend more time indoors, and actually got to do some reading – the flooding was terrible and took some lives.   At times like these I think of our entire PBS family.  I hope that when any of you come face to face with Mother Nature’s wrath of any type, that you remain safe and well.

The flooding has stopped here now, and the creeks and rivers have returned to their banks.  The leaves are beginning to fall, and it’s hard to believe but it’s October again, and almost time for Trick-or-Treating.  Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, a good ghost (or witch, or vampire) story can’t be beat!  Look for our upcoming recommendations for books to get you into the Hallowe’en spirit.

We wish a safe and happy month to everyone,

and the PaperBackSwap Team

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  1. Natasha R. (yukinakid) , says:

    I live in Atlanta too, but unfortunately was not able to be with my family at that time since I go to school in Nashville. A woman died in my county and another young child was swept away. I hope that the rest of Atlanta fares better and gets their houses back, despite no flood insurance. Normally Atlanta is a safe haven for those chased from their homes on the coast, but I hope that others will be equally kind to us as we strive to return to normalcy. Especially Six Flags. My goodness was that a ridiculous picture! Praying everyone will have a better month this month, Georgians and Americans alike!

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