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Fantasy Friday – Dreams Unleashed


Dreams Unleashed by Linda Hawley



Review by Kelsey O


First Line:

“I hurried off the metro at the Union Station stop, looking around to see if I was being followed.”


Ann Torgeson is a character that is definitely more than meets the eye. Throughout Dreams Unleashed more and more is revealed about Ann’s past and a lot is foreshadowed of what future holds. Ann wants the US to be what it was when she was growing up not what it has become. Now, Big Brother is everywhere and every house is wired with SmartWire. The government is able to track every citizen. There are chips even in people’s driver’s licenses. She joins with GOG, Get Out! Government, an underground organization that operates worldwide. Their mission is to assist citizens around the globe in uniting to fight the tracking, excessive taxation and government control.


With her past as a CIA spy for the Clandestine Service, a branch of the Science and Technology Division, Ann is a perfect member of the GOG. Her stint with the CIA had her using her strong astral projection abilities to sense any object, person or even existing anywhere in the present, future or past called remote viewing. Others who aren’t as naturally strong as Ann seemed to die early in life of cancer or heart disease and the project supposedly was shut down. But after a unique “dream” where Ann returns to her very first remote viewing “dream” and returns with a long lost Herkimer crystal, the government is asking questions about her. Currently she holds a job with AlterHydro, the first company to capture the supercharged energy of the Strait of Georgia and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Now her mission is clear, to take down Big Brother’s control she must first practice with the Canadian RFID program and her Herkimer crystal is the key. With help from a very unlikely ally she hopes it is possible so that no one has to live in fear again.


What was unique about Dreams Unleashed was the fact that our lead heroine is 44 years old. There aren’t many books out there that the main character is older. She has an acute smelling ability and can tell you the exact date and location of a smells origin. You also see her vulnerability when she reminices about her late husband, Armond. They were so in love and she has resigned herself to never find that love again. Another thing I loved about Anne, her fondness to enjoy a nice warm bath to relax.


The content of the book can seem a little overwhelming but once laid out is understandable. Bouncing from the past to the future to the present at times got a bit confusing but Dreams Unleashed is a captivating read.


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  1. tealfroglette says:

    She has an acute smelling ability and can tell you the exact date and location of a smells origin.

    WOW. the frog nose is similar…but not that exact.

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