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Multiple-book requests and PBS-DC: Newsletter – August 2006

The “Order More Books from this Member” button allows requestors to link requests together in a “bulk order” that can be handled as one transaction. Shipping books together saves postage, and also the DC barcode generated by printing a wrapper for a bulk request will earn Quick Credits for ALL books in the shipment when it is scanned and the information is transmitted to PBS! However, if you receive multiple requests from one member who did not use the “Order More Books from this Member” button to link the requests together, each individual DC barcode on each wrapper will carry the code for only THAT book. Requests can’t be linked together after the fact. So if you receive more than one request in a day, and you plan to use PBS DC on the wrapper, take a peek at the address for each request first (download it WITHOUT the PBS DC option), BEFORE you print with PBS-DC. If multiple books are going to the same address, you can simply print ONE of the DC wrappers to send them all together. It still means you will get only one Quick Credit for the wrapper you use, but it will spare you having printed (and paying for) extra DC barcodes that you won’t be using. You will get the other credits for the rest of the books in the shipment when they arrive and are marked received. We are working on a way to “alert” senders to multiple book requests submitted individually, but so far have not found an efficient way to do this.

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