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Musings on a Rainy Day – I Love Spring

By Jerelyn H. (I-F-Letty)







This is the kind of morning I am glad I don’t have to commute. We are in the middle of a 24 hour “Rain Event”. I notice our weatherman likes using that term. I don’t know what it is about storms and rain that comforts me. But I feel cozy and safe watching the bands of rain move through. I like the way the light levels changes, and I like the way the new green world looks, and most of all I like the way it smells, the damp earthiness with the underlying floral scent, I love spring!

I have my windows open wide on the 3 season porches, front and back, as well as the windows in my office, so I can hear the rain pattering. I live on a quiet tree-lined street so the occasional car comes by but with the TV off and the house empty there is nothing that disturbs the peace, save for a distant roll of thunder, which sends my cat under the bed to hide.  The birds don’t seem to mind when the rain is light and they come to the feeders for breakfast, and the robins who have nested on the drain pipe under the eaves, are busy finding worms in the garden, to feed their babies. I saw 3 little heads up there the other day.  The dratted squirrels look miserable, all I can think is, “It serves you right! That’s what you get for digging in my window boxes and knocking out the plants!”.

I don’t even mind the crop of dandelions on the boulevard today, the vivid yellow against the bright green is lovely, I feel a little remorse that tomorrow they will be mowed down and I will go out with my dandelion puller to end their lives.  It puts me in mind of my botany professor assertion that weeds are just flowers growing in the wrong place. Since it is supposed to rain all day I think I may have to nap this afternoon.  But this morning I will enjoy the rain, the quietness that descends on my neighborhood, and hopefully my cat will come out to lie in the window and watch the rain, and dream of what he would do to the squirrels if he were an outdoor cat, instead of a living room lion.



Rain Song by Alice J Wisler


Henderson the Rain King
by Saul Bellow


Prayers for Rain by Dennis Lehane


Spring Rain by Gayle Roper


Hard Rain by Barry Eisler


The Rainmaker by John Grisham




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4 Responses to “Musings on a Rainy Day – I Love Spring”

  1. Carole (craftnut) says:

    Great blog article, Jerelyn! I too love the soft patter of rain with low rumbles of thunder, especially with the windows open. Those quiet days are cozy and restorative. It is wonderful to have a whole day to enjoy the calming effect of a light rain to read or nap. Makes me wish it was raining here today!

  2. Bonnie (LoveNE) , says:

    Suddenly I feel so much more serene…thanks buddy!

    ps I tend to think “Oh great, another bad hair day!” (but I’ll give your insight a shot on the next rainy day)

  3. ANNA S. (SanJoseCa) says:

    Rainy days are great reading days!

  4. Gail P. (TinkerPirate) Montara, CA says:

    Loved, loved, loved this blog! I grew up with thunder and miss it sooooo much.

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