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Books for Schools 2013!

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

It is with great pleasure we announce the kick-off of the

2013 Books for Schools Donation Campaign

Each year PaperBackSwap, through our generous members, donate brand-new new books to selected deserving elementary schools across the country.  The goal of the program is to provide children with books that they can read for pleasure. As you know, most of us learned the love of reading at an early age, and this is a great opportunity to share that joy. In the past three years PaperBackSwap and our members have donated over 70,000 new books to elementary schools. This year our goal is to provide at least 20,000 more books.

To make a donation of credits or PaperBackSwap money (which will be used to defray some of the shipping costs) click on the picture above or HERE to go to the donations page.

Let’s put books in the hands of children. Together PaperBackSwap and our wonderful members can make a difference!




Books for Schools 2012 – William E. Russell School

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

On Friday, December 21, 2012 one of our wonderful Tour Guide Leaders, Robin K. (jubead), volunteered to personally hand out some of the 1,000 books that were donated by our generous members to the William E. Russell School through the  Books for Schools 2012 program.


Robin was greeted by Principal Blake, who was very grateful to our PBS members, for the donations that made this possible.










Robin read a book to a second grade class. The book she chose to read was Dora’s Eggs by Julie Sykes. Just one of the wonderful, brand new books that were delivered to the school just in time for Christmas.






Thank you Robin, and all of our PBS members for donating to William B. Russell School and for putting books in the hands of our children!



If you know of an elementary school in need, suggest it here so we can consider it for Books for Schools 2013.


Snowflakes for Sandy Hook Elementary School

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

Our hearts go out to the students, teachers, administration and community of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT

and it is to them that we dedicate this year’s Books for Schools campaign.



We would like to send 5,000 books to Sandy Hook Elementary, in a small effort to help.Sandy Hook Elementary School is the final school we are collecting for this year.


In addition, The Connecticut PTSA is gathering snowflakes to decorate Sandy Hook Elementary when their students return to school.

If our members would like to make snowflakes for Sandy Hook Elementary School and send them to us, we will forward them on to the PTSA. Please send them to our address:


3651 Peachtree Parkway Suite E-390
Suwanee, GA 30024

Attn: Snowflakes & Books for Sandy Hook







Books for Schools 2012

Thursday, December 20th, 2012



Dear Members,

We are very pleased to announce Books for Schools 2012, where your unused book credits can make all the difference in a child’s life! 

In the last few years, thanks to the generosity of our members, we have been able to donate upwards of 100,000 books to students in need. This year we hope to send over 20,000 books!

We have received many inquiries from members, asking when we will be running this donation drive again.  As always, we are so impressed with, and touched by, our members’ generosity.  This club is filled with avid readers many of whom fell in love with books as children, and the desire to pass along that tremendous gift to more children is so strong here.  Because of your enthusiasm in past years, we have been able to help far more schools than we had ever expected.

All of the selected schools have a high percentage of students receiving a free or reduced-fee lunch.  These kids are eager for books, but their school libraries’ funds are lacking, and many of the students have never owned a book.  Making it possible for them to be able to borrow books from the classroom, or to have books of their own to read at home, is a wonderful way to give the gift of reading to a child this holiday season.

For each credit you donate, PaperBackSwap will provide a brand new book to one of these schools!  The books will be used in the classrooms, and/or given to the students to keep.  Once a school has reached its goal of donated credits and PBS Money (which will defray the cost of sortin, shipping and handling), the listing will move to the Completed tab, and a new school will become active and begin accepting donations.  When the campaign is complete, PaperBackSwap will purchase and send all of the books to the schools, at no cost to them. Read more about how the program works.


Thanks for joining us in making a real difference in the education of these children!


 Richard Pickering and The PaperBackSwap Team





Our hearts go out to the students, teachers, administration and community of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT

and it is to them that we dedicate this year’s Books for Schools campaign.

Books For Schools – Book Delivery Brings Smiles to Dunbar Elementary Students!

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Dunbar Elementary Students

By Leslie P. (PBSLeslie)


Sometimes it is really nice to see something all the way to the end.  We had an opportunity to do just that this week when we delivered books to Dunbar Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia.  We love our Books for Schools program, there’s no doubt.    Sending 25,000 new books all over the country this January is an amazing accomplishment.  But having the chance to actually see some of the students, and see their faces light up and the excitement in their eyes makes it really special.  As in “yes, that is a tear in my eye, now please hand me a tissue” special, know what I mean?


As I was describing the program and gift of books, I thought I was doing a pretty good job of engaging the children.  I thought to myself, “Hey, I’m really wowing these kids with my little speech today…look how happy they are!”  It turns out it was Deana who was wowing them as she (slightly behind me and to my left) was showing them all the different books we had brought with us.  There were “oohs” and “aahs” and lots of smiles.

Ms. Beck with a new stack of books!


Dunbar Elementary was featured in our November 2011 Books for Schools program, Paul Dunbar Elementary – Atlanta, GA and had a goal of 1,000 books.  They were nominated by the nonprofit organization, Everybody Wins! Atlanta, which serves the school by providing a weekly “Power Lunch” mentoring program and also a live Storyteller Program. The 1,000 books donated by PaperBackSwap (through our member’s generosity) will be used in the Power Lunch Program, according to Terri Beck, Executive Director of Everybody Wins! Atlanta.  She, along with Allyn Howard, Program Director, met us at the school to accept the books.  They were so thrilled to see all the books we had brought and declared them exactly what they needed for the mentor and student reading sessions!  Nicole Corely, who works at Dunbar Elementary as a program coordinator with Communities in Schools of Atlanta, was also there to welcome us and introduce us to the students.


Please know that your donations do make a difference and are appreciated! Along with our books, we are also sending an important message of kindness, giving, and the love of reading. Years from now these students may no longer have the actual books we sent, but with luck, they will still have this message in their hearts.



L to R Nicole Corley, Leslie Price-Bennett, Allyn Howard, Deana Fulbright, Dunbar Students



PBS School Donation Program 2012

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Books for Schools

Our 2011 Program is underway!  This is Books for Schools’ third year, and we are honored to feature deserving schools from all over our great country from South Carolina to Oklahoma to Alaska to Colorado to Louisiana and many more! Thank you for your nominations. We’ll feature several schools at a time and as their book goals are met, we’ll add new ones.  We have over two dozen schools in the program this year.


A simple thing like your unused credits can make all the difference in a child’s life. At PaperBackSwap, we believe in both the power of reading and the power of giving. For each credit you donate, PaperBackSwap and our supporting organizations will provide a new book for a school. That means the school you choose will be getting the books they need for classrooms, libraries and for the kids to have as their very own!

This holiday season, let’s come together to help educate and support children in need all over our great country.


Thanks for joining us in making a real difference in the education of these kids!

 The PaperBackSwap Team


“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”  ~  Aesop, The lion and the mouse


Click here to go to the Books for Schools page.


These kids are so thankful and excited to open the boxes of new books and choose something that catches their eye. For some, this is may be the only book they get to keep for their very own. We couldn’t do it without our members’ generous spirit and donations of credits.


If you have more questions about this program, please read
the FAQs About Books for Schools.

If you know of an elementary school in need, suggest it here.


PBS News; Books for Schools, Gifts, Cruise, In Memoriam

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

Books for Schools Update: Our campaign this year was ambitious…30,000 books for 30 schools, and thanks to you we got there!  We will soon be turning those credits into real books for the students – they are anxiously awaiting their boxes filled with new stories and adventures.  The schools are thrilled to be receiving these right before the winter holiday so that they can send home the gift of reading !  Read the warm thank you notes from the schools so grateful for your help.

Gift Buying Guide. The Guide will help you find the perfect presents in the Market for everyone on your list – at bargain prices.   And remember, Market Madness is still going on – every Friday until December 31st, we are doing a random drawing for 5 free book credits.  Each book you purchase from the PBS Market enters you in the drawing – so the more books you buy, the better your chances of winning!  Donna, one of our lucky winners from last week, said “Oh WOW!  I read about the contest but never ever expected to win…I LOVE this thing!  It is like having a bookstore I can go to in the middle of the night, in my PJ’s, and you tell me before I even go that a book I want is there.” Remember that ordering multiple books in a shipment saves on shipping!

All abooooard! Members are still able to sign up for the Cruise to the Bahamas for PBS Members, February 4 – 9, 2012.  The cruise leaves from Jacksonville, Florida.  PBS members and family/friends are welcome!  Register for the cruise on the webpage the travel agency has set up.  For information from a Cruise Committee Tour Guide, send an email to pbscruise@hotmail.com or post in the Discussion Forum topicNote: Please don’t send in Feedback, as PaperBackSwap is not coordinating this event.

One Size Fits All! PBS Gift Certificates can be personalized with your own messages (on cover and inside the card) and image, and you can print them out and fold them into a card to gift in person or by snail mail, or email them as e-cards to the lucky recipients.  Available in 5 or 10 Book Credit denominations, from the Gift Certificates link under “Kiosk” at the top of the site.  We know how much people appreciate these – they tell us all the time!

In Memoriam: As many of you know, we recently lost two pillars of the PBS community – Sherry N (Royaltech) and Tracey M (sexypineapple).  Both of them contributed a great deal to the club, volunteering their time and giving generously of themselves to other members. They exemplified the spirit of the PaperBackSwap community, and they will be terribly missed! Our thanks to everyone who donated to get new books for their respective elementary schools, where each of them first developed a lifelong love of reading, and please keep their families in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.