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News from the PBS Newsletter

We look like (half a) million books! Yes, there are over 3 million books available to request right now at PBS – you can watch that number grow at the top of the site– but the number of unique titles has been growing too.   It’s true: there are over 500,000 different books available right now to request.   Everything from memoirs to regency romance to children’s books to classic literature to chick-lit to police procedurals to how-to books…there is no end to the variety.  No end because that number keeps on growing.  You can keep an eye on it and other nifty “vital statistics” on the Pulse of PBS page.

People loved you!  You are O so great! Club members should have gotten a big ego-boost when both People magazine and Oprah’s magazine recommended PBS for its ease of use and its principle of reducing waste and saving money.   Thanks to all of you who are swapping your books and proving every day how well this club works!   We’ll keep working hard every day to make the site even better.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it. Now you can see ALL the details about the books on a sender’s bookshelf when you are using the “Order More from Member” function to add books to a request.  Click the Full Details button and the Book Details page will come up as an overlay, so you can browse more efficiently.  Be sure to use this function to check for extra books you might want when you are requesting one – sending multiple books at once saves postage for the sender.

What’s in a name? Whatever you want!  Now you can decide what to show (your name and nickname, only your name, only your nickname, etc) on your personal messages, profile, forum posts, etc, by adjusting your club Identity in your Privacy Controls.  You can get to your privacy controls from your Acount Settings in My Account.

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