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The SwapaDVD Team wants YOU… Newsletter – January 2008

If you have a hankering for helping, a passion for pointing the way, a burning desire to direct–you would make a good Tour Guide for SwapaDVD!   A Tour Guide gets assigned to each new member when he or she joins, and serves as a personal resource for help (by Personal Messaging) when the member has a question about the site. What being a Tour Guide gets you: Access to the private Tour Guide Lounge on the site, to mix and mingle with other Tour Guides; a spiffy-looking icon to dress up your profile and forum posts; the respect of millions…well, thousands…well, you’ll be respected by US, at least. What you need to do to volunteer as a Tour Guide for SwapaDVD: You need to have a SwapaDVD account (obviously), you have to sign the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) over at SwapaDVD, have a SwapaDVD nickname, and be familiar with how the site works. You also have to pass the Tour Guide Quiz–it’s short and pretty easy, and it demonstrates how well you can get around the Help Center, which you will need to do a lot of when answering questions from other members. If you are interested, sign the NDA and make yourself a SwapaDVD nickname if you don’t have one, and after you have done those things, send us feedback (over at SwapaDVD) volunteering for the job. You can also contact Beth L. (berlioz3) over there; she is our SwapaDVD Tour Guide Coordinator.  Thanks to all who apply!

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