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We are NINE! Happy Birthday PBS!

PaperBackSwap is 9!!


To celebrate 9 years of PaperBackSwap, here is a contest for our members!



Tell us a story in exactly 9 words. Not 8, not 10, but 9 words. Exactly 9.



The Grand Prize Winner will receive 9 credits! 8 runners up will each receive 1 credit!




We will announce the winners on Tuesday, September 3rd. Contest is only open to current PBS members whose accounts are in good standing.



Good luck to everyone!




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167 Responses to “We are NINE! Happy Birthday PBS!”

  1. Karen R says:

    Began with one book, multiplied to millions…Congratulations PBS!

  2. Yvette (melange) says:

    “Cherise?” No answer. He saw the note. “Dear John…”

  3. Veronica S. (snowkitty) says:

    Eleven siblings, three children, four grandchildren…life is good.

  4. Connie R says:

    The one who reads the most, gains the most.

  5. Brenda M. (bjmoore) says:

    Blake was born. All was wonderful. We’re all happy!

  6. Julie says:

    My teenage sons only play video games! The end.

  7. Lisa M. (mathhoag) says:

    was read to, now read too, books, glorious books.

  8. Amanda I. (tealily) says:

    Glee over books! Still better than NOOK! Yay PBS!

  9. Lynda C. (Readnmachine) says:


    Once upon a time, we lived happily ever after.

  10. (reacherfan1909) says:

    The moving finger writes, and moves on through PBS!

  11. Bonnie (LoveNE) , says:

    Truly love
    to sit and read…
    sitting not necessary.

  12. Sharon F. (moneygoddess) says:

    Retiring ‘When I’m Sixty Four’…in fifteen days. Yeah!

  13. Halle M. says:

    My Husband died, there are bills, also life insurance.

  14. Evelyn C. (evilynn) , says:

    Searching.Online.Swapping.Books.Dvds.Cds.Friends.Abundance.Bliss 🙂

  15. Elizabeth G. (minibeth) says:

    My mailbox is always full of books. It’s great!

  16. Amy says:

    Birthed triplets. Came home with only two. I’m surviving.

  17. Lindsay says:

    My pet dinosaur likes eating ice cream on Sundays.

  18. Judy McLaughlin says:

    Born Deaf, Deaf parent, implant defective, Deaf parent banned

  19. Crystal Newman says:

    My real life started the day I got remarried.

  20. Naimi S. says:

    Children off to college, plenty of time for books!

  21. Susan B. says:

    I love books but needed Paperback swap THANK YOU

  22. ANNA S. (SanJoseCa) says:

    PBS, is a delicious buffet for very hungry readers.

  23. Heather P says:

    Once upon a time, we read books, The End!

  24. Dineen D. (dineen) , says:

    Felines behave adorably.  Video captured stealthily.  Millions watch raptly.

  25. Roseanna B. says:

    I own 400 books, and I need more…help!!!

  26. Caryn S. (Caryn9802) says:

    My child reads to me before going to sleep.

  27. Jeanne C. (pigletsfriend) says:

    Someday my prince will come and carry me away.

  28. Meikjn Fielding says:

    three excited little girls wearing dresses chase terrified cats.

  29. Audrey D. (sunshine82) says:

    My indoor cats happily watched fledglings learn to fly.

  30. Barbara P. (bow) says:

    My heart saw him first, then his saw mine….

  31. Keith R. (firstaidkeith) says:

    Never ever stop buying books. They are our friends.

  32. Carolyn G. (drcarolyn) says:

    Dash escaped the yard, chased a chicken, returned unharmed.

  33. Little Susie read her first book. It was love!

  34. Sheri K. (sherik) says:

    One rainy day lonely Helen unexpectedly found true love.

  35. Shari S. (essay) says:

    From the mailbox comes treasure…your book has arrived.

  36. vpmraika says:

    What, I have no credits? How did that happen?!

  37. William S. (suvorov) says:

    Once upon a time, blah blah blah, the end.

  38. Deborah H. (littlepine) , says:

    Huge to be read pile …where do I begin!!!!

  39. Lori B. says:

    Surreptitiously collecting quartz was her incorrigible obsession. Redemption awaits.

  40. Cynthia Phillips says:

    I read to her; now she reads to me!

  41. Brenda K. (IFly182H) says:

    Cancer conquered. Will read books for many more years!

  42. Christina B. says:

    Earthquake shatters morning.
    Hope digs through rubble; hears voices.

  43. Kelsie Roberts says:

    Fell in love, had babies, lived happily ever after!

  44. Jean L. (MeanJean) says:

    It was a dark and stormy night.

    I shivered.

  45. karen cadorette says:

    Life,love,learn,teach to read to my grandchildren.

  46. Page T. (TPT) says:

    relocating. settling. meeting. secrets. discovery. danger. weapon. survival. justice.

  47. (bookfan1) says:

    Books are worlds we visit every now and then.

  48. Lynda C. (Readnmachine) says:

    “I’ve changed my will.”

    “Really? . . . Have some madeira, m’dear?”

  49. Ryan P. (thepaigeclan) says:

    His mistress in mind, he began, reverently. “Dearly Beloved…”

  50. liftupmyheart7 says:

    A book or two a day keeps boredom away!

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