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What’s Cookin’? Well, a whole lot! Newsletter – October 2007

* First, the PBS Recipes page (under Community) is a place where you can enter recipes to share with others, and get ideas for your next meal! You can search by keyword (Hmm…I’m in the mood for something kinda Mexican), meal type (examples: “dinner” or “Quick and Easy”), dish (main ingredient, examples: chicken, tomatoes), cooking style (gotta use that crockpot!), or nutritional info (lowfat, vegan). When submitting a recipe you can even link a book to the recipe by entering its IBSN.

* We also have a cookbook author among us–well, many cookbook authors, and one very hardworking editor. Sherry N. (royaltech) has been gathering recipes from PBS members for quite a while now, and there was so much interest in a “hard” (not digital) copy that we are looking into publishing it for PBS members to buy from the PBS Store. The PBS Cookbook can only happen if we get enough pre-orders to put in the order with the publisher. The book will be in a hardcover with a comb binding (so the book lies flat when open! very handy), and will cost 12 dollars, shipping included. Pre-order your PBS cookbook in the Kiosk now, and when it comes in we will send it to you. You can even submit a design for the cover if you like. If you have specific questions about the book, ask Sherry, who has done an enormous amount of work getting all of this together!

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