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Romance Review – Hot SEAL Rescue

HOT SEAL Rescue (HOT SEAL Team #3) by Lynn Raye Harris

Review by Cynthia F. (frazerc)

With a Lynn Raye Harris I expect several things:

* There are going to be a lot of hot, alpha guys with protective instincts [many of whom you’ve met in previous books] in the plot and the hero will be front and center.

* The heroine will be in jeopardy but NOT a shrinking violet or a whiner, she’ll be up front and doing her best – which is usually pretty damned good.

* There will be bad guys who deserve what they get.

* There are going to be a LOT of page turning action scenes, both in and out of the bedroom – scenes that keep you on the edge of your seat and up past your normal bedtime.

* There will be stubborn refusals to admit the truths of their relationships and emotional, heart-touching moments between the hero and heroine when the light finally dawns.

So how does HOT SEAL Rescue stack up? It nails every one of them.

Our hero is Cody “Cowboy” McCormick and the heroine is CIA agent Miranda Lockwood. Miranda ‘kidnaps’ our hero by sticking a gun in his side and he goes along with it because she looks like she’s in trouble. And she is, of course, and some of the trouble is caused by her decisions throughout the book. Trying to avoid spoilers here but there are blown covers, hot sex, deaths [faked and otherwise], CIA moles, differing agendas, hurt feelings, and a truly satisfying happily ever after.

Thank you Ms. Harris, it’s another winner. I loved it.

Note: Apparently an abbreviated version of this story appeared in the anthology SEALs of Summer 3. This is the full story.

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