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From the Founders: Newsletter – May 2005

Saturday, May 7th, 2005

They always say, “Find something you enjoy, and then go for it.” We love to read books and really wanted to share our passion for reading. We’re a group of ordinary folks who wanted a better way of trading paperbacks with others. In today’s web-based world, it just made sense to use the internet and form a club. We created PaperBackSwap.com so that members could swap books using a virtual library and the US mail. No gimmicks. No spam. No advertising. No kidding. The greatest reward from our efforts is that our members love the club! Check out the testimonials (or add your own) and see what other members think of the club. Thanks for the kind words!

If you haven’t visited the club recently, please do so. You’ll notice some fantastic changes that have been made: audio book listings, increase in page loading speed, more detailed book search categories, more questions answered for you in the Frequently Asked Question section (special thanks to Jill in Texas for her editing assistance). Also you now have the ability to place your books on hold when traveling away from home or when you are unable to mail books.

Thank you for joining us as we pursue our great adventure of building the world’s largest virtual library of paperback books.

Your PaperBackSwap Team

Audio Books Now Accepted: Newsletter – May 2005

Friday, May 6th, 2005

You asked for it, and we delivered! While all of our members are book readers, many of you have audio books on hand as well. We’ve now incorporated this medium into our club trading system. It takes two credits to order an audio book, and for every audio book requested from you, you’ll receive 2 credits. Most audio books will mail similar to paperbacks. However, because we are not privy to all packaging scenarios, members may need to confirm postage at the USPS. Thanks to our members for offering new ideas for improving the service of the club and please keep the suggestions coming. Happy listening to all you audio book lovers!

New! The Daily Digest: Newsletter – May 2005

Thursday, May 5th, 2005

With thousands of book titles to choose from at PaperBackSwap, sometimes the choices can seem endless. The “Daily Digest” is an email sent to our members once a day. This email lists the most recently posted books from the past 24 hours. Now with our Daily Digest club members can receive the hottest new listings in categories that are important to them. As a club member, you can customize what daily new book postings you want to see such as Mystery & Thriller, Sci-Fi, Non Fiction, Cookbooks, Health & Fitness, etc. We have more than 350 categories to choose from in our library of books. Our system acts as your eyes and searches these categories, automatically bringing you the most recent postings from other members. Don’t miss out on the books you want; If you would like to get a daily email list of new books, please login to your account, click on Update Profile and then select your Daily Digest selections.

Shipment Details Box: Newsletter – May 2005

Wednesday, May 4th, 2005

As a way to help members keep track of when books are coming and going, we have created a Shipment Details Box for all requests on the member’s home page. This box provides information that tells when books have been requested, accepted and mailed as well as its anticipated arrival date.

In order for this Details Box to be accurate, once a book request is accepted, the sender must indicate if they have mailed the book. Sometimes members accept a request, print the wrapper and mail the book but fail to indicate when they have mailed the book. Please help us provide everyone with up-to-date information on their requests and let us know when you mail a book. Thank you in advance for helping to manage expectations for requesting members.

Postal Savings for Multiple Books: Newsletter – May 2005

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005

When using “Media Mail” wrapper system, most books will ship for $1.42. Occasionally one member will like a lot of books that another member has listed, and they will order multiple books from the same member. If you happen to have multiple books going to the same address, you may want to stop by the post office and mail these as a single package using the “Media Mail” rate. This will cost approximately $1.82, but you should have them weighed to be sure.

Reminder: First In – First Out. Newsletter – May 2005

Monday, May 2nd, 2005

Please remember that when multiple copies of the same book are requested, the book that was posted first will receive the request first. If the member receiving this request cannot mail their book, then the request goes to the member that posted the book next. If you are deleting and reposting your books, this will send them to the back of the line. So, be sure you want to delete a book before doing so in order to keep your priority in line.

Post a Link and Earn Extra Credits: Newsletter – May 2005

Monday, May 2nd, 2005

Don’t forget that you can earn additional credits through referrals. An easy way to do this is by posting a link to paperbackswap.com on other websites. This makes it easy for people to visit the site and join up. We’ve had many members who have joined through this method. Our goal is to get lots of members so that there will be more books for all of us to read!

You can find additional information and easy methods to obtain new referrals by going to the Advanced Referral page.

This month we would like to recognize member Dawn C. from Denton, MD for bringing the most new members to our club. Thanks Dawn for helping to grow the club as well as the number of books we all have to trade. For more information on how the club’s referral system works, click here.