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Psychological Thriller Review – The Quiet Tenant

The Quiet Tenant by Clemence Michallon

Review by Melissa B. (dragoneyes)

A twisted tale in which we have a unbeknownst serial killer, Aidan, who is revered by the townsfolk and adored by his family. The only ones who knows his dirty little secret are his victims. Most of them do not survive to tell their tale. Rachel, his latest victim, has held on longer than any of the others. Spending her days in a shed, she knows what angers him and what pleases him and for that, she has survived for a very long time. She fears her time is becoming short when their routine has changed. She learns that the Aidan’s wife has died and now they must move. Somehow she is able to talk him into taking him with her. Things get crazy when she moves into his house along with his daughter. She is passed off as a friend in need of a place to stay. Adding more chaos into his life, Aidan also has a romance brewing on the outside. That romantic partner could be the downfall of his long career or be his next victim.


It was a nice twist to see the interactions between the killer, victim, family and lover. Although, at times, some of the actions of the victim and the lover were unbelievable to the point of cringe-worthy, it was still an enjoyable story. The writing was well done and kept at a steady pace. The ending was a wild ride that completed the story nicely. Look forward to more books by this author.


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