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Fantasy Review – The Book that Wouldn’t Burn

The Book that Wouldn’t Burn by Mark Lawrence

Review by Melissa B. (dragoneyes)

When you see a book with such a lovely cover written by an author you think highly of, it is hard not to greedily devour it but, instead, slowly savor each word. I had to make sure I paced myself. Even so, it feels like a book that I’ll need to reread in the future. Just a sense that there is so much magic in there that my mind didn’t catch it all.
The story is made up of two POV’s. On one end we have Livira who is from the Dust. When her settlement is attacked she finds herself and other villagers on a long journey. She winds up in a city where she ends up working in the library. Then there is Evar who has always been in the library and knows of nothing but its walls, his four adopted siblings and his caretakers. This is a library where if you are not careful you can get lost. It holds much knowledge but also many secrets. Through the labyrinth of books, you can find time traveling portals, android type assistants, and (my favorite) animal guides. Between their two tales, the story weaves a lovely tapestry that you just want to wrap around yourself.
I really enjoyed Livira’s parts the best. I felt a connection. Especially reading about her always asking questions. I couldn’t ask enough questions when I was younger and still find myself needing to know how everything works. Made me chuckle a couple of times when I read those parts. One thing that I’ve always enjoyed with Lawrence’s books is his characters. He really makes it easy to bond with them. On top of that, he writes a story that you can see vividly and words that flow beautifully. So excited to read the next book in the series.

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