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PBS Gives Thousands of Books to Local Non-profit

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

PaperBackSwap.com Gives Thousands of Books to Local Non-profit

Frisco-Online.com – 1/21/2011 by Kelley Van Auken

The largest Book Club in America, PaperBackSwap.com, recently donated almost 6,000 new books to local 501(c)(3) non-profit My Very Own Book. The books will be used in MVOB’s reading incentive program, which is run in five elementary schools in low-income neighborhoods: two in Dallas ISD, two in Richardson ISD, and one in Plano ISD. Students in the participating schools read outside of schools hours and are rewarded every six weeks with a new, free book of their choice.

PBS began the School Book Donation Program last year to provide books for students because of the company’s belief in both the power of reading and the power of giving. The schools selected to participate in the Books for Schools Program are based on needs of the students. PBS club members who wanted to support the program selected a school and donated their extra credits to purchase books for the students. For each credit donated by a member of PBS, PaperBackSwap and supporting organizations provided books for the school. Overall, the 2010 program has provided approximately 30,000 books to 30 schools, five of which are MVOB schools.

“We are very pleased with our club members’ amazingly generous and quick response to this program – they obviously feel strongly about the education of children in America. Access to books is crucial to foster a child’s love of reading, so the books our members have donated will have a big impact on these kids’ lives. We hope to be able to continue this program and help more needy schools all over the country,” said Richard Pickering, Founder of PaperBackSwap.com.

PaperBackSwap.com is a free online book club where members swap books just for the cost of postage. People join PBS by posting on the PaperBackSwap.com website good condition books from their bookshelf that they are willing to share. Two startup credits are given by PBS to start the member’s swapping. Credits are earned by sending out books to other members. Any available paperback or hardcover book may be ordered for one credit, and audio books may be ordered for two credits.

Complete information about the online book club is available at www.paperbackswap.com. To learn more about the school book donation program or to nominate a school, go to http://www.paperbackswap.com/donations/schools.php. To learn more about My Very Own Book, go to www.myveryownbook.org.

PBS News: MSN top 100, Shop Amazon, Gracious Granny Memorial

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

MSN.com thinks we’re tops! Not to brag or anything, but… PaperBackSwap made MSN.com’s top 100 most useful sites on the internet! MSN.com reporter Liz Pulliam Weston compiled her list of “top sites for finding deals and freebies, the best advice for tackling financial problems and tools to make your life simpler and easier.”  We agree that swapping is an easy, economical and green way to get books (and DVDs and CDs).   See the whole list.

Shop at Amazon?  We’ll hook you up. At the top of every page on the site now this familiar icon is there to remind you that any of your Amazon purchases will support PBS if you start on our site and get to Amazon that way.  If you are going over to Amazon to shop, just click the link at the top of the PaperBackSwap page, and support the club with any Amazon purchase you make (excluding e-books).  If you start at PBS and put items into your cart, they will “count” if and when you eventually buy them.   So start your shopping trip with us; every little bit helps!

Gracious is the word! Thanks to all of you who have donated to the Gracious-Granny memorial.   We all miss LeAnne, who was one of our wonderful Tour Guide Assistant Coordinators.  The family of LeAnne has chosen the recipient of the books – a very rural small school in Shamrock, Texas.  If you haven’t donated yet, be sure to drop by the page!  You can also check out the new photos of LeAnne and her family, and leave well-wishes for the family, there.

Dear Librarian: Refund Credit, Book Reviews, No images,

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Dear Librarian-  I sent a book I shouldn’t have sent, I admit it. It had writing in it and I didn’t really pay attention to that when I posted it.  So the other member complained and I realized I hadn’t checked the book for writing before posting it!  I’ll be more careful next time and I won’t ever post another book that doesn’t meet the club criteria again.  I refunded her credit using the Give Refund button on the problem swap in my transaction archive, but she says I didn’t refund!  How can I prove that I did?  – Repentant in Rehoboth

Dear Hobey,

We’re glad to hear that you have learned the error of your ways. 🙂  You can tell this member that she can look in her Credit Registry (by clicking credits at the top of any page on the site) to see the credit you gave her.  And if you have to refund (or if someone refunds to you) in the future, this will be easier – an email will be sent when the Give Refund button is used, to tell the member that the refund was given.

For anyone reading who doesn’t know where the Give Refund button is – it is on the Request Details page on every completed outgoing transaction in your Transaction Archive.   Go to My Account > Transaction Archive  and click Request Details on any book you sent that was received (whether or not it was marked received with a problem).  You will see the Give Refund button at the top of the Request Details page.

Dear Librarian – I ran across a Book Review that was great.  The reviewer said EXACTLY what i think about the book.   Now I want to know what that reviewer thinks about other books.  But there’s no link on the review to show me that member’s other reviews.  Why not?  – Disappointed in Denver

Dear Denny,

If the link is not there it means that either (1) this member has not reviewed any other books or (2) the member has the option for “show other members my list of reviews” set to Private or Buddies Only in his or her privacy controls.

We know this is disappointing!  You should check his or her profile, if that is public, to see what books are on the Bookshelf and Wish List there, and check out your similarity index to this member.  You can invite him or her to be a Buddy, since you liked that review so much.  If she or he allows Buddies to see his or her review list, then you will have the “inside scoop”!

Dear Librarian – Something is seriously wrong with PBS when I try to get on from my work computer.  There aren’t any images and it’s just a bunch of text on white background.   It works fine from my computer at home.  What’s up and how do I fix it? – Officeworker in Orlando

Dear Lando,

Your office’s computer system must be set to block unfamiliar domains.  We have images stored in a number of places, and your work system must be refusing to let those domains be accessed to show you the site properly.  If it is OK for you to access PaperBackSwap from work, you should ask your IT person to unblock the following domains:


These are the domains that host the site’s images, among other things.  It is safe to allow access to these domains.

We add new subdomains when necessary to balance the workload across our servers, so this list can change over time, which is why accessing PBS from a very strict location such as a workplace or a school may pose difficulties intermittently.

We hope your boss is OK with letting you use the site during work hours, but if not, PaperBackSwap is always there for you when you get home!


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2009 Georgia Literary Festival

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

PaperBackSwap.com is excited to be attending the Georgia Literary Festival as a merchant this year.

The 2009 Georgia Literary Festival will be held Saturday, October 17th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the City Auditorium of Rome, Georgia.

Rome Georgia Apartments and Rentals

The 11th annual festival, a “moveable feast” celebrates Georgia’s rich literary heritage in a different city each year.  It marks the festival’s first appearance in Northwest Georgia. More than 30 authors will be lecturing, appearing on panels and signing books including Terry Kay, Hollis Gillespie, Virginia Willis, Robert J. Norrell, Lauretta Hannon, Patricia Sprinkle, Eric Haney, Joshilyn Jackson, Raymond Atkins and Kim Siegelson. Four Georgia writers, all with connections to the Rome area, will be honored at this year’s festival. They are: Calder Willingham, Jeanne Braselton, Anthony Grooms and Melanie Sumner. For more details, go to www.georgialiteraryfestival.org.
All events are free; no tickets required.
Where’s Rome? 1 hr NW of Atlanta, 1 hr S of Chattanooga, 1 1/2 hr NE of Birmingham
directions to the Rome, GA City Auditorium (601 Broad St, Rome, GA  30161)
download a schedule for the 2009 Georgia Literary Festival
Festival’s facebook page

Author Raymond Atkins

Author & Chair Raymond L. Atkins

The chair of the committee to plan for the festival is the Rome-based writer Raymond L. Atkins, author of the novels Sorrow Wood & The Front Porch Prophet, and a well-known contributor to magazines and newspapers.

That Evening:
Dead Poets Cocktail Party
In Spirit with the Georgia Literary Festival
An Evening of Luscious Wine, Wonderful Food and Live Music
Mingle and Imbibe with some of Georgia’s most talented Spirits
Directly Benefiting The Sara Hightower Regional Library
Produced by Cafe Luna, A Moveable Feast
Hosted by, The Claremont House, Bed and Breakfast, 2nd Avenue, Rome
5:30-10, Saturday, October 17
Immediately Following Terry Kay
At The Claremont House
Tickets are $40
Available at All Things Artistic, Rome Visitors Center
Or by Calling 706-767-5468, Mary Caldwell

We hope to see you there!
Richard & The PaperBackSwap Team

Founder & Member featured guests on ABC 33/40 of Birmingham

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Last week local Birmingham member Becky Reardon and I were featured guests on Birmingham’s ABC 33/40. Check it out below!

Who would have thought we would be getting so much great press and media coverage only 4 years after the start-up? It was not very long ago that we only had 500,000 books available to swap! I would like to thank the PBS Team for their hard work, but I know we couldn’t have done it without our core members helping to spread the word about how fun and easy it is to swap books, CD’s, and DVD’s.

Thanks again,
Richard Pickering

Welcome to our 303rd PaperbackSwap.com Blog Post!

Monday, April 13th, 2009

First of all, I bet you’re wondering why we have 4 years worth of Blog Posts and you have never seen any of them before now!   Well, that’s because we’re starting our blog with the archives.   We realized that we had all of this great information in our newsletter archive and thought, our members might like to see how we’ve changed over time.  Take a look at the different milestones to see how the club has grown.  With the blog, it’s now easy to find things like the previous Members of the MonthSite Tips & TricksShipping & USPS info, Dear Librarian and much more.

What can you expect to see here in the future?  We plan to introduce some new features here, including podcasts, book discussions and author interviews, and we’d also like to use the blog to keep members updated on what’s happening in the club in between the monthly newsletters. We will continue “chopping up” the newsletters and posting them here as they do contain a lot of  great information, but we’ll also be able to announce club events (contests, new features, etc) here in a more real-time fashion.

Is there something you’d like us to blog about?  As always we’re open to suggestions!
Richard & the PBS Team

Dear Members,

Monday, March 9th, 2009

Something ominous about March, isn’t there? It isn’t anything new: Beware the Ides of March was the warning given to Julius Caesar before his assassination.  This year, everyone is worried – about saving money and how best to cope with the economic downturn.  Everyone is looking for a way to ease their budgets.

We know that PaperBackSwap helps with this. Members tell us all the time with messages like this one:

“This book club is the best! I can read to my heart’s content and not spend a fortune — and I read a lot! Thank You!”

and this one

“I enjoy this site TREMENDOUSLY… in this economy, buying new books is almost laughable for my family. I appreciate that I can save money, especially by not paying “club fees”, and can help reduce waste by finding my books a new home.  THANK YOU!!”

Those are real feedback messages from members, and we get many similar messages from members all the time.  It’s clear that swapping here (and at SwapaDVD and SwapaCD) is helping many people cope.   Everywhere I go I try to spread the news about PBS – I wear my PaperBackSwap sweatshirt, and I pass out business cards (printable and personalizable from the Spread the Word page on the site).

We were so excited when SwapaDVD was on The Today Show!  And then PBS was in O (Oprah) Magazine and People Magazine last month!  We have had a lot of new members sign up from these mentions, and we got to thinking.   There must be a lot of people out there who would love membership, but who just don’t know about us.   It seems that every day I meet someone (or more than one person) who is so excited to hear about the swapping concept!  But I am just one guy – I can’t tell everyone.   But the TV news and magazine items get to a lot of people.   So I thought it would be a great idea to ask all of you to send us the name of a reporter in your town or city who might be interested in doing a story on our clubs.  Then we can help all kinds of people across the country to find out about this way to save money and get great entertainment for nothing more than the cost of postage.

You can send an email to us at RichardPickering@paperbackswap.com.  Tell us your town/city and state, and the TV/radio channel/newspaper and the reporter’s name, and we’ll take it from there!   You are also welcome to submit the story idea yourself directly to the reporter, of course.  Often times when I have spoken to reporters, they will ask me if I can find a local member for an interview.   Who knows, you could end up being quoted or broadcast on the local news (if you agreed to that).  And the great thing is – the more members we have, the more books for everyone to share.

Remember, bad times don’t last forever!   We will get through this together.

Best from

Richard Pickering and
the PaperBackSwap Team