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DEAR R&R: Newsletter – February 2008

Friday, February 1st, 2008

Dear R&R–Why do you keep making changes that no one asked for?  It’s just rude not to let us know in advance when you change something!  Don’t you care at all about what WE want? –Irate in Indiana

Dear Ira,

Yes, we absolutely care about what our members want.  That’s why a lot of the changes get made–they are in direct response to member feedback asking us for improvements to existing features.  Sometimes it may not be obvious how much would need to be changed, programming-wise, to incorporate what may seem to be a simple tweak to the site.  Pretty much everything on the site is interconnected, and often one change over here means a lot of changes over there, and over there, and over there.  We are grateful to our members who write in with suggestions: you all have really helped to improve the site!  We consider every suggestion, and those that we agree would be beneficial to the club we put on our To Do list, which is ranked in order of urgency.  Some items need to be done before others can be started on.  For each project, we hash out all the design features first, then work out the programming, and test it before we release it.  Right after a change “goes live” is the best time to tweak it–and we do, based on member comments in forums and in feedback.  We make a lot of little changes based on member comments in the first day or so after new programming is released.  So many times our members think of things we didn’t; constructive commentary about a new feature, especially if it seems to represent a consensus, often will result in a change.  Just saying “I hate it” won’t make the change go away, though.

We actually do try to make members aware of significant changes to the site.  We don’t send out an email for every single change: we are determined not to clutter up our members’ inboxes with emails.  For very major changes (like the change in Postal Rates by USPS in May 2007, and the site upgrade in the same month) we send out a club-wide email in advance to every single member; we also announce the change in the Newsletter, and update the Help Center.  Very significant changes to major features (for example, the Wish List) we announce in the Newsletter well in advance, to give plenty of notice before the change goes live.   For less significant changes (like the Buddy List and Bookshelf upgrades), we update the Help Center What’s New section, and also announce/explain in the Newsletter.  We can’t time the release of every single change to the site to coincide with the Newsletter–that’s just too restrictive a schedule, and not realistic.  Not everyone gets the Newsletter, and not everyone visits the Forums.  That’s why the Help Center What’s New section exists–it is accessible to every member with just three clicks, from anywhere on the site (click Help Center at the top of any page on the site > click Browse Help Docs > click What’s New! at the top of the list on the left).  For every change of any magnitude, we update the Help Center What’s New area, announce/explain in the Newsletter, and will often post a topic in the Discussion Forums (even though only a small portion of the club uses the Forums regularly).  In addition, the regular Help Center topics are continually updated to reflect smaller changes.

If you keep your eye on the What’s New topic in the Help Center, Ira, you won’t be taken by surprise!  And if you hate a change we make, we are really sorry.  We don’t do it to torture you, honestly.  We make changes only after much consideration and discussion, and nearly always directly in response to member demand.  We know that not all members will love all changes; that would be unrealistic to expect.  But each change is made with the membership in mind, to benefit the club as a whole.

Dear R&R–This Buddy thing is like junior high all over again.  My Buddy List is empty! I am too shy to ask someone to be a Buddy, and I feel like a loser.  I am having PTSD. –Shrinking Violet in Sheboygan

Dear Violet,

Don’t feel like a loser!  Some members haven’t gotten invitations because they lurk in the forums, and don’t post, so no one “knows” them to invite them.  And remember that others also may be feeling shy.  You don’t have to use the Buddy List at all, of course!  But if you want to, just try sending an invitation to a few people; you can send a PM telling them why if you like, but many folks have their Buddy Lists set to auto-accept all invitations.  You can ask members who have the same taste in books as you do, if you notice this while browsing bookshelves or the Forums; you can ask someone with whom you have had a good swap.  When marking a book received, you can say “thanks for the book–this was a really great swap!  If it’s okay I am going to invite you to be a Buddy so I can keep an eye on your bookshelf.”   There’s no reason they wouldn’t want to Buddy with you. A good buddy never harmed anyone, and they will probably be flattered.  You don’t have to know someone well to be Buddies–and you can set any or all of your information to private in your Privacy Controls so that your Buddy List doesn’t make you feel exposed.  And you won’t get “rejection” emails if an invitation isn’t accepted.

We are really sorry we brought back bad memories, Violet.   It may help to keep in mind that all members at PBS are required to be over 18, and that this is a friendly site.  Most members are terrifically kind and open to “meeting” others in the club.  We don’t think there’s anything to fear here.  And those who don’t have a lot of (or any) Buddies aren’t losers.  Not everyone uses the Buddy List.  We think it’s a great feature, but it’s not for everyone of course.  Don’t let it stress you out.

DEAR R&R: Newsletter – December 2007

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

Dear R&R–I wanted to ask you about…  Hey, are you wearing a Santa suit?   –Inquiring in Indiana

Dear Indy,

Ho Ho Ho!  Why yes, we are.  We thought it was appropriate.  Why, does the costume make us look fat?

Dear R&R– Well, yes, but that’s the point, isn’t it?  Anyway.  I wanted to talk to you about a book that I received.  It was the wrong book!  I ordered the Revised Edition, and that was in the title of the listing, but I got the old edition.  And now the sender refuses to give me my credit unless I send the book back.  I said that’s fine, but please send me postage to ship it, and she said that I was outrageous and scamming her.  She made the mistake in the first place!!  This isn’t right. Why should I pay postage to send back the book SHE listed incorrectly? This really steams me.  –Irritated now in Indiana

Dear Indy,

Yes, we understand your irritation.  We have made this clear in the Help Cent–

Dear R&R–Sorry to interrupt but I have the same problem.   I ordered a paperback book because hardbacks are hard for me to hold when I read.  I got a hardback!  The ISBN didn’t even match!  The sender is saying I shouldn’t complain because it is the same book, and is also asking me to send back the book HE posted wrong, at MY expense, if I want my credit back.  Don’t I have a right to get the book I requested?  He is saying that I should be happy with the hardback, since it’s more valuable, and I shouldn’t get to keep the book AND get my credit back.  I don’t like hardbacks!   Why do I have to justify wanting to get the book I requested?  Why would I have to pay to send back the book to get my credit back?  Tell him he’s being a jerk! –Fuming in Phoenix

Dear Feeny,

Now, now, Santa doesn’t use words like “jerk”.  Boys and girls who do are taking the fast road to the Naughty list.  As I was saying to Indy, the Help Center Doc does explain that the requestor doesn’t have to return the wrong item, if it IS a wrong item.  When you request a book, you should receive the book you requested: the book should match the listing’s ISBN, title, author and binding type EXACTLY.   It does not have to match the cover image or publication date.

So if the title included the words “Revised Edition”, Indy, you did get the wrong book.   But if the title did NOT include those words, and everything else (ISBN, author and binding type) matched the listing, you didn’t.   When this happens–

Well the ISBN does match!  But the listing said paperback, and I got a hardback!  So it’s YOUR fault, for having the wrong listing in the database.  –Indy

Dear Indy,

Publishers sometimes do reuse the ISBN for reprintings of books, which can confuse things.   PBS can assign one ISBN to only one listing.   When a member puts the ISBN into the Post Books page, she or he will see the listing previewed on the right, with the words in red text asking him or her to confirm that the ISBN, title, author and binding type on the listing preview ALL exactly match the book being posted.  If the title or binding type doesn’t match, that book can’t be posted with that listing, even if the ISBN matches.  In that case, the book needs to have a custom listing created by the posting member, which has the correct info on it.  The Post a Book Without an ISBN feature allows the posting member to create that custom listing for a book if it is necessary.

And Feeny, if you requested a paperback and got a hardcover, that was also the wrong book.  And if the ISBN didn’t match it is doubly wrong.  If the ISBN doesn’t match we suspect that the posting member went to the Club Wish List and clicked “post this book”.  There is a window that comes down that will ask you to confirm that the ISBN on your item matches if you do that, but the sender didn’t check it if you got the wrong ISBN.

When a sender makes an error and sends a wrong book, then the requestor does not have to return the wrong item at his or her expense.  Again, this is clear in the Help–

Hey!  I am one of the senders being called names here.  It’s the same book.  So what if it’s a hardcover?  It’s the same story!  You’re telling me that I spent postage and sent a book and now I have to spend postage AGAIN to get the book back, and I won’t even get a credit?  That’s insane.  –really Peeved in Pittsfield

Dear Pitty,

We are sorry that this happened, but Santa has some tough love for you:  You made a mistake.  Yes, you did.  You clicked Post This Book when your book didn’t match the listing.  We put those words in red on the listing preview on the Post Books page for a reason. And if you are looking at the Club Wish List and clicking Post this Book if something matches the title of a book you have without checking the ISBN and binding type to make sure that they match your book, then that is not the correct way to list a book.

Think of it this way: if you order a sweater in blue, and you get a green sweater instead, do you have to send back the green sweater at your expense?   Do you have to justify that you wanted blue and not green?   No.  The sender of the green sweater either replaces the wrong item with the correct one at no charge, or refunds the money if the sender doesn’t have the blue sweater that was ordered.   Yes, the sweaters both fit the same and you can wear them both, no matter what color they are.   But if the requestor wants a blue sweater, don’t say you have one if you don’t.  And don’t send a green sweater and ask the person to be happy with it, or to pay to send it back to you in order to get a refund.

We know that no one means to do this, but when you make a mistake posting a book, you need to deal with it properly.  Some requestors don’t make a fuss about getting the wrong book.  But to others, the specifics (like binding type) really matter.  You can’t know how the requestor will feel about a wrong book, so you should post the book correctly in the first place, to avoid a problem swap. Otherwise, yes, you can end up losing item, postage and credit…but that will only happen because of a mistake you made when you posted the book.   If you list your sweaters–er, books–correctly, you will not have this trouble in future.

And please stop pulling Santa’s beard, okay?

Dear R&R–Well how about Large Print books?  Large Print isn’t included in the “ISBN, title, author, binding type” thing.  If I request a book for my mom who needs Large Print, and I get a regular-font book she can’t read, what do I do?  The last sender who did this to me told me just “Sorry, that was the way it was listed on PBS!  Hope you enjoy the book!”  What about me?   What do I do here?  –Seeing Red in San Pedro

Dear Pedro,

Large Print is a special case.  If a member enters the ISBN of an item into the Post Books page and that item is categorized at PBS as Large Print, the book listing preview will have some special text in a red box on the right of the Post Books page.  This text says very clearly that this listing can be used only if the book being posted is Large Print.  There are also links there to help post the book properly if it is not a Large Print book.  Because Large Print is not a preference in most cases but a necessity, Santa is taking a hard line on these problem swaps: if the sender does not return the credit within a week of your Personal Message that states the problem, the title of the book, and the request for a credit refund, let us know and we will do it if the book was really listed incorrectly.  We don’t intervene in problem swaps when the issue is subjective (such as book condition) or in dispute, but in the case of Large Print, we will.  Be sure that your Personal Message lets the sender know that you want your credit returned, and also that the member can read instructions on how to do this in the Help Center.

We do sympathize with the members who post books incorrectly; we know they don’t mean to.  But if you post a book incorrectly, you do run the risk of losing book, credit, and postage.  It is easy to prevent this: just follow the instructions on the Post Books screen when posting your book, and if you have trouble, read Solutions to Common Book Posting Problems in the Help Center, and this will help you get your book listed properly.

And if you get a problem book, do be clear in your Personal Message.  Be gentle, but do say that you would like the credit to be refunded.  Sometimes a sender is new and doesn’t even know this is an option.  And remember, if you report a problem swap (of any kind) to a sender,  in a PM clearly requesting a credit refund and you get no response at all from the sender within a week, let us know, and we’ll look into it.

Dear R&R–I got a book that smells funny.  I specifically requested no funny-smelling books in my Requestor Conditions.  This sender HAD to know the book smells funny.  Even my neighbor says it smells funny.  What about that?  Will you get my credit back from that sender for me? –Olfactorily Sensitive in St. Olaf

Dear Olaf,

No.  Santa can’t intervene in subjective cases, or when the issue is book condition and it is in dispute.   Members have to work these ones out; if a member has a pattern of problem sending on an account, it will emerge if you choose “yes but with a problem” while marking the book received.  We will intervene if there is a pattern, since several requestors having the same trouble with one sender is an objective situation.

Dear R&R–what if I send the book to you so you can smell it?  Or I can send a picture of my neighbor holding her nose.  –Olaf

Dear Olaf,

We’re not even answering that.

Hey Santa–you don’t sound very jolly.  –Amused in Ann Arbor

Dear Ann,

Sorry.  Santa gets weary of squabbling, especially at Christmas.  That doesn’t mean that Santa doesn’t care about each and every one of you!  Um, Ho ho ho.

Hey, did you know that in the Netherlands, Santa is called Sinterklaas, and comes to the home of naughty boys and girls and beats them with sticks? There’s actually a burlap sack involved.  The naughty person goes into the sack, and out come the sticks.

Dear R&R–We didn’t know that. Why do you mention it?  –Ann

Dear Ann,

Just a fun fact.   And we like saying Sinterklaas.   Sinterklaaaaas.  Really rolls off the tongue.

Anyway, to get back on track here:   Problem swaps aren’t actually as common as you might be led to believe if you read the Discussion Forums–the vast majority of swaps take place without a problem at PBS–but of course with a membership of this size, they will happen.  Please everyone, if one happens to you, take a step back and look at things from the other member’s point of view:  The member who posted a book by clicking on the Club Wish List may have thought “Hey!  I’m granting a wish!”  The member who posted a hardcover instead of a paperback may have thought “This member will be so happy because she’s getting a more valuable book”.   The member who posted the “Revised Edition” may simply not have noticed those words in parentheses in the title.

The person who sends you a wrong book is not trying to scam you.  He or she has taken the time to wrap up the book and mail it to you because he or she thought you wanted it.  If he or she made a mistake, BE NICE.  You may make a mistake someday yourself, after all.  In fact, if you search your memory, we bet that you can probably recall having made a mistake yourself at one time.  So BE NICE in your Personal Messages to each other.  We have a club of humans who sometimes make mistakes; they are not “scammers” if they do.

And if you made a mistake and someone lets you know about it, BE NICE in your reply.  Check the Help Center and see if the requestor is correct about the way you listed your book.  Suck it up and take the loss if you made a mistake and the requestor asks you to refund the credit.  You’ll be a better person for it, and a better swapper.  And Santa–who knows all–will keep you on the Nice list if you behave well during the communication about a problem swap.

If you are naughty… there’s always the Sinterklaas clause to invoke.   Santa could use a little cardio.

Dear R&R–Now I’m afraid to post a book.  You are a scary Santa.  –CindyLou in Whoville

Dear CindyLou,

We are sorry we scared you!  Don’t worry–it is easy to post a book properly.  Just read the information on the page when you post, and check your book against the listing shown.  And even if there is a problem with a swap, most members ARE nice about it.  They understand that the sender could be someone like their own mom or grandpa, and they treat them as they would want their Mom or Grandpa treated.   We have a nice club overall.  But tempers do get short sometimes. Even ours, sorry.

Dear R&R–That’s okay.  I wouldn’t want someone asking me to smell a book over the internet either. –CindyLou

Dear CindyLou,

Thanks for understanding.  I know a little Who who’s getting a Wii this year!

Enjoy your Roast Beast, everyone!   HO, HO, HO!


  • For Facebook users: a PaperBackSwap application that will let you share your booklists with that community…
  • The New Wish List: You love to say you’ll hate it, but we think you will love it.  We are working to perfect it, and we will explain it thoroughly when we are closer to a release date…

DEAR R&R: Newsletter – April 2007

Monday, April 2nd, 2007

Dear R&R— I got a book which was all marked up inside. The Book Conditions item in the Help Center says “no writing inside a book”. I contacted the sender, who said that she got the book this way from another member. Can YOU give my credit back? –Annoyed in Ashtabula

Dear Ann,

We are so sorry to hear you received a book in poor condition! Unfortunately, we cannot give your credit back. The sender who sent you the book has your credit, and she needs to do this. If she got this book from another member, it was her responsibility to deal with the problem then—not pass it on to you! As the Help item “I received a book in poor condition!” says, “”If a member receives a book in poor condition, he or she must NOT compound the error by reposting it. The “buck” (or should we say “book”) has to stop SOMEWHERE!” Each person is responsible for the books he or she sends out. Members should not make someone else’s violation into their own violation by passing along an unacceptable book.

Take this up with the sender who sent you the book. She should give your credit back, and contact the sender who sent HER the book to ask for the credit back. I do hope that both of you marked the book “received with a problem,” and chose “Damaged by Sender” from the options. This is the only way that PBS can keep track of poor swapping behavior. You can find more information in the Help item “I received a book in poor condition!” which is in the Help Center (search there for “damaged”) and also in the Need Help? Tab at the upper right of your account page—choose “Questions about receiving a book?” from the list that drops down there.

Dear R&R—I can’t ever find any answers in the Help Center. Who organized that thing? It’s confusing! –Muddled in Montana

Dear Monty—LOL. We tried to organize the Help Center logically by category, with “troubleshooting” items in a subheading for each. For example, clicking “Posting Books” shows you items about posting books, and clicking “Having trouble posting a book?” in the list that drops down after you click the “Posting Books” heading shows you troubleshooting items about posting books. We put in a Help Center search at the top (we have refined this lately, so it works better)—simple terms work best there, such as “lost” or “book condition”. We put in a Quick Help box on the right of the Help Center page for one-click answers to the most-commonly asked or most urgent questions. But we have to admit that it is a lot of information to wade through! And it may be inconvenient at times to have to click away from a page you are having trouble with, to go to the Help Center and find your answer, and then have to find your way back.

So we have added a Need Help? tab at the top right of nearly every page on the site. Each Need Help? tab contains items that are relevant to that page—so if you are on the Wish List page, the Need Help? tab has a list of Help items about the Wish List feature, for example. Almost ALL Help items are available from the Need Help? tab on your account page—these are organized into (1) basic questions (like “How do I post a book?”), (2) category questions (like “Questions about posting a book?”—troubleshooting items are included), and (3) urgent items (like “I can’t mark my book mailed!”). There is also an item which contains links to information managing your PBS account, called “Managing Your PBS Account”; and “The Wish List” has its own item too.

We hope that you will find this useful, Monty. Next time you have a question about something, click Need Help? on the upper right of the page you are on, and choose from the list that drops down. Most information will be viewable in a popup window, without even leaving that page.

Dear R&R—I am so frustrated! I posted a Wish Listed book that has 47 people Wishing for that ISBN in the Club Wish List. The first THREE have declined the book! The request is pending with the fourth Wisher now. I posted this book a week ago! When will I be able to send out this book? –Outraged in Ohio

Dear Hi,

This is classic Wish List abuse, which we have done so much to discourage. I sympathize with your frustration—all you want to do is share the book with someone who wants it! Some members don’t understand the different purposes of the Wish and Reminder Lists. The Wish List is for items that members KNOW they want, and that will be requested when they are offered; the Reminder List is for items that members are only considering requesting in the future. We tell people this over and over, and the information is very clear in the Help Center.

  • If you don’t want an item anymore, remove it from your Wish List (very easy to do, on the Wish List page). If you are not sure you want an item, use the “convert” feature on your Wish List to move it to your Reminder List. If you are going to be away from your account, put your bookshelf on hold and set the Wish List items you have credits for to auto-request.
  • If you don’t have credits but you want to stay in line for a book, put your bookshelf on hold (this puts your Wish List on hold too). You can post books to your “Held” bookshelf after you have applied the hold, and those newly posted books will appear available (see “How to put your account on hold” in the Help Center under “Account Options”, or from the Need Help? Tab on your account page, under “Managing your PBS Account”). You can send out the newly posted books, get credits, and then take your Wish List off hold again. It’s a little extra work, but it’s good swapping behavior to use the Wish List feature appropriately.

The worst Wish List abusers (those that decline or ignore multiple Wish List offers in a row) risk having their entire Wish Lists cleared, so it is important for them to heed this rule! There’s nothing you can do about this book, Hi, except wait for someone who actually wants it to accept your offer. You can take a little comfort from the fact that by doing this, you are helping to clear the Wish Lists of Wish List abusers—all by yourself!

TIPS & TRICKS: Newsletter – January 2007

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

Do your Spring Cleaning early. A brand new year—what better time to take a look through your Wish List and make sure that all items that appear there are ones that you still want to request when they are offered to you? You can get to your Wish List by clicking Book Lists on the right side of your account page, and choosing Wish/Reminder List from the dropdown menu.

Help yourself to the Help Center. Now when you click to send us feedback, you will see not only a list of Help Center items that may answer your question above the text box, you will be taken to the Help Center where you can search yourself, before sending your message in. We love to hear from our members, but so many questions we get are already answered thoroughly in the Help Center, and the volume of this kind of feedback has taken away from our ability to address the “knottier” problems that need our personal attention. We continue to work on the Help Center, adding and revising items so that information is clear and easy to find. Take a look! Even if you’ve been a member for a long time, you may find out something about the site that you never knew.

Help Center Search: Newsletter – December 2006

Thursday, December 7th, 2006

We tried to organize the Help Center logically by topic so that members could easily find the answer to any question that comes up, but there is SO much information there, we decided to make it even easier to find! Just type in some keywords from your question (“post book”) or the whole question (‘How do I post a book?”) and click Search to see a list of the relevant Help Center items containing those words. You can put quotation marks around any phrase if you want to see only those items in which that phrase appears exactly, and you can use the “-” (minus) sign in front of terms that you wish to exclude from the search. Try it out!

DEAR R&R: Newsletter – September 2006

Sunday, September 3rd, 2006

Holy Cow, did you see those numbers at the top of the site? We are almost at three-quarters of a million books! Our goal of making it to 1,000,000 books before the end of the year gets closer every day!
Dear R&R—I just found out about the canceled transactions page and I was surprised to see books I sent out on the list! How come I didn’t know about these? Will I get credit for sending these books? — Startled in Sheboygan

Dear Star,

Never fear! There are many reasons why a canceled transaction might be on your Canceled Transaction list (which is available by clicking the link at the top of your Transactions Archive page). The only ones you wouldn’t be notified about are:
(1) those you canceled yourself
(2) Wish List offers (of books you posted) that were declined, and the book was passed to the next Wishing Member, to whom you sent it
Check your en route and completed transactions—you will see that the active or completed transactions for these books are there, and will earn you credit (or have already earned you credit)! Each transaction is an agreement between ONE sender and ONE requestor—if either cancels, the transaction goes onto both members’ canceled lists. Thus, a book can be involved in multiple transactions, even if you have only one copy of the book to send out. One active, completed transaction is all it takes to earn you credit for sending the book!

*see the Help Center item “Can I see my past swaps?” at http://www.paperbackswap.com/help/help_item.php?id=18

Dear R&R—I got a request for two books, but when I accepted it, one of them disappeared! What happened??? — Bewildered in Buffalo

Dear Buffy,

When you accepted the multiple-book request, did you check the box next to each book that you could send before clicking “I can mail”? If not, you canceled any book that didn’t have its box checked! When a multiple-book request comes up on your account page, the instructions are written there. When you click “I can mail” on the multiple-book request, a box pops up asking you to confirm that the number of boxes that you checked (and therefore, books you have agreed to send) is correct. Please read before you click! I am sorry that this happened. You will need to repost this book to your bookshelf again, to wait for another requestor. I hope this book is requested again soon. When you repost it, it may be offered to the previous requestor, if there were no other copies in the system when you canceled. So you may be able to send both books to her in one package after all!

*see the Help Center item “My request disappeared!” at

Dear R&R—How can I tell who’s requesting the book from me when I repost it? — Buffy again

Dear Buffy,

Simply click the PM (Personal Message) button on the active transaction for the book; the requestor’s name will come up in the To: field of the empty Personal Message. You can also download the address file to check the identity of the requestor, by clicking Print Wrapper and clicking Print Wrapper Now on the Wrapper Settings page. You don’t have to print it—just open the downloaded file to see the name and address there.

Dear R&R—When do you sleep? — Concerned in Kalamazoo

Dear Connie,

Thanks for asking. We don’t get a lot of sleep! With the return to school, our schedules are crazier than ever—and so, I am sure, are many of yours! We appreciate those members who have made the effort to find the answers to their questions in the new Help Center. We still get a lot of feedback, though! We may need to take some “R&R” (Rest and Relaxation) in the next month: we may try a feedback-free week (no feedback responses for a week) to see if we can reduce the daily numbers of feedback messages we receive. Please use the Help Center! Not all of your questions can be answered there, but many of them can. The Forums, the Help Center, and the Tour Guides are all excellent resources if you have a question about the site.

Speaking of Tour Guides — and all our volunteers — if any of you are feeling overburdened, please let us know. You can “take a break” any time, and return whenever you wish. We love our Volunteers, but we don’t want to wear you out! PBS should be fun — and we want you to have time to (you guessed it!) READ.

*You can get to the Help Center by clicking the gold button in the left menu of any page on the site.

The Help Center: Newsletter – August 2006

Monday, August 7th, 2006

The Help Center Oh, didn’t we mention that? You may have noticed the new gold button in the left menu of every page on the site. The old PBS FAQs have been rewritten, updated, and given a facelift. We are still adding items as need arises, but you should be able to find the answers to most of your questions about the site with just a couple of clicks. Click the gold “heading” buttons (the ones with the arrows to their left) to reveal a list of Help Center items in a dropdown menu. There is also a Quick Help box on the right side of the page, for those questions very frequently asked. Please explore the Help Center before contacting us with a question—as the club grows larger, we are having a hard time keeping up with feedback messages, and we want to continue to be responsive to those questions that need personal attention. The old FAQs were difficult to wade through; we hope the Help Center will…well, help! Even experienced members might learn something new there—take a look!