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Books for Schools 2016

Thursday, December 8th, 2016

Dear Members,

Books for Schools 2016 is nearly complete! As of right now, the last 2 schools are up collecting donations. That will make the total donation this year 11,750 books for 8 deserving elementary schools.

Some of these children have never had a book to call their own. Through our generous members, the Books for Schools donation program changes that!

We thank you for helping to put hands in the books of these students and for sharing the joy of reading.

We thought you may want to see why we LOVE this program. These are just some of the photos we have received from our recipient schools over the years. Seeing the joy on the children’s faces makes us smile.

In Gratitude,
Richard and The PaperBackSwap Team





































Musings, Memories and Miscellany from our MoM’s

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

Cyn F. (Cyn-Sama) is our newest Member of the Month, named MoM in September 2016.

How long have you been a PBS member? 

Since 6/26/06

How did you find PBS?   

I honestly don’t remember. I think I had a friend on a message board tell me about it.

I know it was before the big boom in m/m themed publishing, because I started the first game featuring unconventional couples. At that time, finding books with a homoerotic plot was difficult.

I still have some of the books that I gained through those games, and fondly remember the members who played with me.


How has PBS impacted your life? What does PBS mean to you?

PBS has helped me share the books I love, and introduce others to them. I love knowing that a review I’ve written, or a suggestion I’ve made has helped a member discover a new author or genre.

PBS is always surprising me with just what I can get on my Wish List!  I’ve gotten two embalming textbooks so far. It just goes to show that PBS has something for everyone. Even people like me!


What book impacted you most as a child or young adult?

There were many books that shaped my childhood.

I was a very strange child. I could read at 16 months (which kinda freaked my parents out), and this lead me to tackling books that may have been a bit too old for me.

I’ve written a blog post here on PBS, devoted to my love of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, but there was also A Little Princess, The Secret Garden, as well as all the books by Laura Ingalls Wilder.


When I was in Jr. High, my favorite books were the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice.  I was also devouring Steven King, my favorite book by him being The Eyes of the Dragon.


When I was 15 a friend at summer camp introduced me to Mercedes Lackey, and that has become a love that has stretched into adulthood.

What is your favorite or most meaningful book read as an adult?

The American Way of Death by Jessica Mitford was a book that truly opened my eyes to the world of death culture, something that has been the obsession of my life – Death Culture, cemetery history, and the history of mourning. (Hence me getting excited about my embalming books!)

When I’m not reading books on history (my husband and I are reenactors, so we read a LOT of history books), my favorite authors to curl up with are Mercedes Lackey, J.R. Ward, and Lisa Kleypas.


What are you reading now?

Smut!  While switching between Clarissa Dickson Wright’s History of English Food, and How to be a Tudor by Ruth Goodman, I’m happily reading some wonderfully trashy ebooks like Heart of the Hunter by Chance Carter.




Do you know of another PaperBackSwap member who just seems to go above and beyond? One who makes you smile, or helps you figure out something about a swap, or who simply makes you glad she or he is part of the club? You may just have found yourself a MoM (Member of the Month)!
MoMs are special members, ones who put a little extra effort in for the benefit of others, even when they think no one may ever notice. Maybe they send their packages well-wrapped bearing cheerful stickers on the outside, or they post interesting topics in the Discussion Forums that get people thinking and talking, or they work behind the scenes to correct book listings or upload images to book listings. Maybe they’re Tour Guides and help other members navigate swapping, or maybe they create extra-fun games in the Games forum, the kind after which everyone feels like they’ve made new friends.
If you believe that you have encountered a MoM, submit your nomination to us here. Tell us why you think the member is a MoM — the more details, the better! The Member of the Month gets a newsletter mention and a nifty MoM icon to wear on profile and forum posts with pride.  So go for it! Tell us who’s helped you in the Forums, who’s been a great swapper, who in your opinion is a credit to the club. Who knows–the next MoM might just be YOU!





Invite Friends to Join PBS! Earn $ and Spread the Word!

Friday, July 29th, 2016

cup of tea and a book on a table in the library

If someone handed you a $5 bill, would you put it in a pocket and never spend it? We hope not! Yet, some of you are doing the equivalent of that right now, and you may not even know it.

Our Invite Friends program allows you to earn actual cash money for referrals. No joke! Moolah. Green. Bank. Dough. Cabbage. Bread. (OK, now we’re getting hungry.)

Some members who have referred friends after the start of the program in November 2015 have become eligible to claim a cash reward, but haven’t done that yet! Are you one of those members?

You can check by going to the Invite Friends page, linked from the bottom of any page on the site, or click here: Check my Referrals

Scroll down on that page to see your list of referred accounts and if there is a Claim Your Reward button there, click it! Then choose a check mailed to your home, or PBS Money. That’s all you have to do. Could NOT be easier.

And if you don’t yet have cash to claim, it’s easy to get that started. You can Learn More About Inviting Friends in the Help Center. For you, it means a Cha-Ching! of always-welcome cash. For your referred friend, it means a discount on Annual Membership and entry into a world of online bookswapping. For the club, it means more members and more books to be shared with all of us. It’s win-win-win!



Free Book Giveaway Winner! (Tell us why YOU love books)

Friday, May 27th, 2016


The Winner, chosen at random, of the brand-new copy of
Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll is:

Cynthia H. (preciousoils)

“Why do I love “Real Books”? Ask my overflowing bookshelves where I somehow always find room to add a new friend.” ~ Cynthia H.


Just as we suspected, there are as many reasons to love books as there are PaperBackSwap members!

Here are just a few that caught our attention:

“I love the page by page turning” ~ Dawn R. (dawnr56)

“They’re like trophies to me. And book cases are my trophy cases where I present my prizes!” ~ Summer D.

“Holding a book in my hand just feels right.” ~ Debbie D.

“The main reason for me is the swapping.” ~ Denise B. (dkb1269)

“I love printed books because it is one of the very few things that is socially acceptable to hoard. And I do… by the thousand.” ~ Roxy W. (ravyn)

“There is nothing like that feeling I get after I’ve read the last sentence of a book and clasp that book shut.” ~ Sharon V. (shawie)

“There’s nothing better than a shelf full of good books that friends can borrow from.” ~ Emily W.

“Books just make me happy!” ~ Cindy M.


Thank you to everyone who commented sharing their reasons for Loving Books!



A PBS Member Helps Out The Postal Service

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

By Pat O. (PatinKS)mailbox


The Northeast Kansas Local Chapter of PaperBackSwap (which meets in Topeka, KS) is small but active. We meet twice a month and do not have any set agenda, but mostly get together to talk about books, PBS, exchange books,  and anything else that ‘trips our trigger’. We meet one Sunday afternoon a month at a local donut shop and one Monday a month for lunch.

At our October luncheon one of the members, Evelyn F (bluemoon2421) mentioned that she had taken some books for mailing to one of our Post Office branches, and mentioned that she really liked PBS because she still likes the “feel” of holding a book in her hands to read. She also told them that she has a friend who is blind and who reads lots of books on tape but her preferred method of reading is still holding a Braille book in her hands to read.

Then the clerk piped up and said “You can read Braille? We need help.” Evelyn said that she did not read Braille but had someone in the car who could. They asked her to please bring her in. They needed help! They had several trays of talking books that belonged to the State Talking Books Library, with the labels written only in Braille that someone had dropped in the mailbox. Evelyn’s friend, Nancy immediately knew what to do. She called the Post Office on the following Monday with the address of the State Talking Books Library in Emporia and the books were dispatched. They were very grateful.

Pictured below are some of the PBS members of the Topeka Chapter at their November luncheon. We always welcome anyone who would like to join us.  Pictured are  DeAnnette H. (deanie) (sitting);back row to her right is Linda B., standing in the middle back is Pat O. (PatinKS) and to her left is Evelyn F. (bluemoon2421).



The Northeast Kansas PBS Chapter meets twice a month. We meet on the first Sunday of each month at the Baker’s Dozen on SW 21st Street in Topeka, at 2pm – we call it Donut Sunday.
We meet on the third Monday of each month at Perkins Restaurant on Wanamaker at 11:30am for lunch.
We are always looking for new members so if you enjoy reading come join us for both meetings, if possible, and if not come when you can.



To Honor a Woman of Quiet Valor – CarolCeltic

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

PaperBackSwap lost a long-time and very special member. Most of us who participated in the Discussion Forums on the site called her friend. Matter of fact, Carol has over 250 other members on her Friends List. And many of us have a soft spot in our hearts for her.

Carol joined PaperBackSwap in 2006 and in that time swapped thousands of books and sent out many more to her friends and acquaintances on the site. She loved books! She loved to read books and to share books with other book lovers.

She also loved to share her kindness and encouraging words with her friends here. It was a rare instance when Carol didn’t respond with kind words and caring when someone posted a joy or trouble in Club Member Thoughts. It was no surprise when she was named Member of the Month in February of 2008.



Carol had her share of difficulties in her life, but went on with it, with courage and determination. She was an example to us all of us when life slings hardships our way. She got up day after day, making the best of it. She knew what was important. The love of Family and Friends and her sweet companion, Sampson. Sampson was also kind of our dog, since we had the joy in helping to name him. We read her stories of his puppy-hood with laughter and love. We celebrated his achievements and antics with her. We love, through our love of Carol, her love for him.

Carol, we will miss your presence in the forums, in the swaps, in our lives. And we are better people for knowing and loving you.  Thank you for your example of quiet valor, your quirky sense of humor and for sharing the last 10 years of your life with us.



PaperBackSwap Easter Egg Contest

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

egg egg eggeggeggeggeggeggeggeggeggeggeggeggegg

Welcome to the 2016 PaperBackSwap Easter Egg Hunt!


15 Easter Eggs have been placed on random pages across the site. Can you find them all?

When you find an egg, click on it to add it to your Basket! You can access your Basket from the top of any page on the site.

You can find up to 3 eggs per day (until 3/25/2016, when the limit will be removed.
That way everyone will have a chance to find all of the eggs!)

Your limit will be reset to 3 every day at midnight. So you can find 3 eggs today,
and then starting at the end of the day, at Midnight, you can find 3 more eggs; and so on.

On Friday March 25th, the limit will be removed (you can find all of the eggs from then until the end Sunday, with no daily limit)

The Hunt will begin on March 21st, 2016 at 10 AM ET and close on Sunday, March 27, 2016 at midnight ET (the end of the day).

The Prize for two players will be a new Wish List book*!

The winner will be selected from all of the completed baskets (or the most-completed baskets) by a random drawing.

There will also be a Quick-Like-a-Bunny prize: whoever has found all fifteen eggs earliest also wins!

No purchase necessary – just log in and click the eggs you can find!

*or equivalent prize, determined by PaperBackSwap