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The Great Cookbook Giveaway

Monday, November 16th, 2009

PBS Cooks is brand new– it just hit shelves in October 2009. Now you have a chance to win your very own copy just in time for Thanksgiving! We’re giving away 1 cookbook a day for the rest of the week. (Nov. 17th – 21st)

To Enter: If you’ve tried one of the recipes from the cookbook already, let us know which one and how you liked it! If you don’t have a cookbook already, post one of your own favorite recipes. We will randomly pick a winner each day from ALL comments posted. So you only have to comment once to be eligible all week long.

1. The cookbook winner for day 1 (Nov. 17th) is Dana L. (daltonryan) -Congratulations Dana!
2. Day #2 (Nov. 18th) Winner is “T.” with the Pinto beans and cornbread recipe!
3. Day #3 (Nov. 19th) Winner is Debra H. with Crumb topped Blueberry Muffins!
4. Day #4 (Nov. 20th) The Winner is Marsha G. and her Briar Patch recipe!
5. Final Day #5 (Nov. 21st) Our Final Winner is June P. (JuneRose) with Cabbage & Noodles- Congratulations June!

Congratulations once again to our winners! Thank you all for participating in the Great Cookbook Giveaway!

Be one of the lucky members to get the first edition of the PBS Cookbook! Over 200 pages of recipes submitted by PaperBackSwap members bound in linen-finish laminated hardcover with a comb binding. Authors: YOU. Edited by Sherry N. (royaltech). Assistant Editor: Elizabeth B. (Cattriona).  Illustrator:  Jeff & Carolee P.

In addition to all the great member recipes, there is a special collection of recipes by PBS’ favorite authors, including:
Angela Hunt, Barbara Delinsky, Bertrice Small, Beverly Lewis, Carla Neggers, Charles David, Christopher Moore, Dave Barry, David Anthony, Diana Gabaldon, Elmer Kelton, Joy Nash, Judith Tarr, Julie Garwood, Karen Dinino, Ken Follett, Laura Fitzgerald, Linda Rosencrance, Linda Woods, Lisa See, Lisa Shearin, Margaret Atwood, Margaret Weis, Mindy Klasky, Philippa Gregory, and Rob Palmer!

Want a small taste of the Author Recipes?
Dave Barry‘s extremely challenging recipe
David Anthony‘s Crunchy Dragonscale Delight
Ken Follett
‘s Hot Dressed Vegetables
Margaret Weis
‘ Pink Potato Salad
…and many more!

Good Luck on the giveaway, but make sure to get your order in before we run out!

Did you know we also swap recipes on PaperBackSwap.com? Check it out…  www.paperbackswap.com/recipes

NEWS: Newsletter – November 2008

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

All books have 5 star member ratings…. or read the latest book reviews.

If you can’t say something nice… Of course not all of our members will get along all of the time, but that’s no reason to lament!   You can tune out any “forum voice” that bothers you very easily, by clicking the Ignore this member link on the bottom of any forum post.   This action will apply to every past and future post by that member.  You can ignore as many people as you like; the member(s) won’t be alerted if you do this, and it is easy to undo if you have a change of heart later.   Read about how the Ignore feature works by clicking the What’s New link at the very top of any page on the site.

It’s back…and better than before! The Similarity Index wasn’t functioning as smoothly as we wanted when we first launched it.  So we retooled it and streamlined it, and now it’s working great.  We even expanded it–now the Index works not just for Buddies, but for ANY member who has a viewable profile – you can see the % similarity whenever you look at a public profile.  You can read more about this feature, why you might want to use it, how to use it, and what you can do to make it more accurate, by clicking the What’s New link at the very top of any page on the site.

Number the stars: Ever wondered how many ratings those stars under a book represent?  Now you can see the number of members contributing to the club’s average star rating, shown right next to the stars!  This tells you if a 5-star rating was one person’s opinion, or a consensus of dozens of people.

PBS Store News:  The PBS Cookbook is in the final stages.  We are just checking over the recipes to be sure everything is original (not copied from any bound or online source–recipe instructions can be copyright-protected).  So if you receive an email from us asking you to confirm that your submitted recipe is original, please reply to that email as soon as you can!  We want to get this book out as much as you all want to receive it.   Thanks to all who have been so patient about this – we think it’s going to be better than you even expect!  Anyone who wants to get a pre-order in can do this in the Kiosk.

Cookbook Update: Newsletter – September 2008

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

We have a message from Sherry (royaltech), who is editing the PBS Cookbook.  She is very sorry that her illness has slowed this down, but she has an energetic assistant editor now who is helping push the project through to completion. Thanks, Elizabeth (Cattriona), for your help with this!

Sherry said:

“Hi PBS,   I know that many members are questioning by now, where those cookbooks are that were expected to be finished and ready to be mailed by the end of March.   While many knew I was very sick over the winter and this was slowing down the production on my end, many don’t know that we found the reason. I have now had a double mastectomy, and have started my chemotherapy, which will be followed by radiation.   This does not mean that work has stopped on the cookbook, it simply means I’m slower. I expected to heal much faster from the surgery, but that turned out to be wishful thinking.  The best news tho, is that I now have a helper, and she will be working with me on the layout and I expect us to be able to have this ready to go to the printer very soon. Very soon, as in a couple weeks! I will update in the topic PBS Cookbook News also.   I want everyone to know that this is an absolutely fabulous cookbook that they are waiting on. I know it’s hard to be out the money for the book and not have it come in, but if they will think of it more as being on their wishlist, and a guaranteed granted book, maybe that will help them hold out 🙂   I hope this helps and that everyone will just be able to hold tight and watch the topic above for news and updates on how the book is coming along.   Sincerely, Your biggest fan!” – Sherry N. (royaltech)

Vinyl Stickers are back!  Vinyl Stickers are back!

How to Make a Cookbook: a PBS recipe. Newsletter – February 2008

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008


One extremely dedicated, energetic, organized PBS member, Sherry N. (royaltech)
Several assistant editors, also extremely energetic and organized
Tons of enthusiastic PBS cooks with great recipes and images for the book
Many, many hours of work


1. Agree with Sherry that this would be a great idea. Work up a cost estimate and all that number-y stuff.
2. Agree to fund the printing.  Give Sherry the go-ahead.
3. Ask for pre-orders in the Kiosk.
4. Mix Sherry with assistants and enthusiastic PBS members until well blended.
5. Work with Sherry to complete the final draft–choose images and options
6. Submit the final draft of the cookbook and $$ to the printers.
7. Wait 6-8 weeks.  When cookbooks arrive, ship them out!

Serves approximately 250.

Sherry is busy as a bee, doing the final draft of the Cookbook. When the draft is complete, we will submit it to the printers.    We currently have a little over 200 pre-orders!   So we are up to step 5.  Gee, cooking is easy when someone else does all the work.  🙂

You can pre-order the Cookbook in the Kiosk.

PBS Cookbook. Newsletter – December 2007

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

We have a winner in the Cover Image Contest!  There were a lot of great designs submitted; thank you all so much.  The winning cover looks like this:

It was submitted by Jeff & Carolee P. and we think it is great!  (Jeff & Carolee submitted the runner-up, too.)

You can pre-order your PBS Cookbook in the Kiosk.  We are nearly ready to put in the order to have these printed; we’re so excited.  Thanks to Sherry N. (royaltech) and all who have helped with this, for their very hard work!

PBS Cookbook: Newsletter – November 2007

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

No excuses. How can you say you don’t want a PBS Cookbook?  You say you can’t cook?  There are recipes for every ability level.  You say you don’t like to cook?  Someone you know does!  Why not give them a copy and they can cook for you?  You say you have enough books?  Okay, we didn’t even hear that.   For goodness’ sake, get to the Kiosk and pre-order a copy (or two or three) now.  You can even be one of the authors (contact royaltech if you want to submit recipes) or illustrators (submit a cover design here)!  We have some great submissions for the cover art so far, but hardly anyone has voted on them, so we have extended the contest deadline.   If we get enough images, we might use some of them inside the cookbook, for the section dividers.  Submit your design here, and vote on submitted designs here.   The book will go to press when we have 250 prepaid orders.  We are about halfway there.   C’mon, c’mon!  We can’t wait to get our copy!

Speaking of Recipes… Many of you are enjoying the Recipe feature on the site.   However, there are some who are submitting recipes without entering the ingredients properly in the list format provided.  Submitted recipes that don’t have the ingredients properly entered (in the Ingredients list, not the Directions) can’t be indexed and will be removed from the site.  So make the extra effort to enter your recipes properly, and ensure that they will remain on the site and be useful to other members.  You can go back and edit any recipes that you submitted incorrectly before December 1st when the “purge” will take place.

What’s Cookin’? Well, a whole lot! Newsletter – October 2007

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

* First, the PBS Recipes page (under Community) is a place where you can enter recipes to share with others, and get ideas for your next meal! You can search by keyword (Hmm…I’m in the mood for something kinda Mexican), meal type (examples: “dinner” or “Quick and Easy”), dish (main ingredient, examples: chicken, tomatoes), cooking style (gotta use that crockpot!), or nutritional info (lowfat, vegan). When submitting a recipe you can even link a book to the recipe by entering its IBSN.

* We also have a cookbook author among us–well, many cookbook authors, and one very hardworking editor. Sherry N. (royaltech) has been gathering recipes from PBS members for quite a while now, and there was so much interest in a “hard” (not digital) copy that we are looking into publishing it for PBS members to buy from the PBS Store. The PBS Cookbook can only happen if we get enough pre-orders to put in the order with the publisher. The book will be in a hardcover with a comb binding (so the book lies flat when open! very handy), and will cost 12 dollars, shipping included. Pre-order your PBS cookbook in the Kiosk now, and when it comes in we will send it to you. You can even submit a design for the cover if you like. If you have specific questions about the book, ask Sherry, who has done an enormous amount of work getting all of this together!