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How to Make a Cookbook: a PBS recipe. Newsletter – February 2008


One extremely dedicated, energetic, organized PBS member, Sherry N. (royaltech)
Several assistant editors, also extremely energetic and organized
Tons of enthusiastic PBS cooks with great recipes and images for the book
Many, many hours of work


1. Agree with Sherry that this would be a great idea. Work up a cost estimate and all that number-y stuff.
2. Agree to fund the printing.  Give Sherry the go-ahead.
3. Ask for pre-orders in the Kiosk.
4. Mix Sherry with assistants and enthusiastic PBS members until well blended.
5. Work with Sherry to complete the final draft–choose images and options
6. Submit the final draft of the cookbook and $$ to the printers.
7. Wait 6-8 weeks.  When cookbooks arrive, ship them out!

Serves approximately 250.

Sherry is busy as a bee, doing the final draft of the Cookbook. When the draft is complete, we will submit it to the printers.    We currently have a little over 200 pre-orders!   So we are up to step 5.  Gee, cooking is easy when someone else does all the work.  🙂

You can pre-order the Cookbook in the Kiosk.

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