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SHOUT-OUTS: Newsletter – September 2008

Friday, September 5th, 2008

Calling all RVers: SmiLynnLady (Lynn P) is a full-time RVer, and loving it!  She wants to know how many other full-time RVers we have in the club.  Click her nickname above to go to her profile on PBS and send her a Personal Message, like a virtual honking of your horn to say Hello!   According to Lynn, there are a “million + Americans living full-time in our RVs, and… PBS meets our special needs for books-on-the-go!” For those who don’t know, RV = recreational vehicle.  If you have to ask, you don’t have one!  Also if you have to ask, you might want one!  Contact Lynn to find out more about this lifestyle, and who knows!  You might be joining the “road crew” sometime soon.

Heartfelt thanks. LoveBeingMOM (Shai G.) wrote us to say “I want to thank the wonderful members of PBS for their support during the difficult time my family is experiencing. Many members have offered prayers, best wishes, are sending items for my husband and son, giving credits. The emotional support I am receiving is of great help. I am proud to be a member of PBS.” Aw, Shai.  Our members are so wonderful and we wish you the best.

A heartwarming message: Newsletter – April 2008

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

Stephanie P. (dastephan6) wrote in to us to say: “I absolutely love the PBS family. Not only is this a great site to swap books on, but it’s also a way to come together in a time of need. back in september of 2007, my house burned down. i lost everything, including over 400 books. I made a post in the forum just letting members know that…if someone had requested one from me, I might have to refuse… Immediately, I was contacted by several members sending their thougths and prayers. But the members didn’t stop there. A member took my address and gave it to other members who were interested in helping me and my family out. By the end of september, I [was] back on my feet. That was i really noticed that this site was for more than just trading books, it is a place to become friends.”

We are so glad you are doing better, Stephanie!  This is not the first time, nor the last, that PaperBackSwap members prove that the PBS bond is more than just a shared love of reading.   Our members are a caring group, and never cease to humble us with their kindness to one another.

New Items at the PBS Store! Newsletter – August 2006

Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

The PBS Tote is a huge success, and we agree with all the feedback we have gotten: I finally broke down and ordered the tote bag. Everyone has raved about it and I really needed a bigger tote than what I had. As long as I was at it, since shipping is flat rate of $8.10, I ordered the mugs, some pens and a couple of magnets. The order came today! Not only was I impressed with how quickly they sent it, but I have to rave about the tote too. It’s huge! It’s sturdy! It has pockets! It has the PBS logo on it- great for spreading the word without saying a word! I like how the bottom is blue so it won’t show the dirt as quickly. The mugs, pens and magnets are nice too, but that tote is WOW! — Jerri C. (ZepFan)

We have heard your suggestions, and have been searching far and wide for similar great values to offer in the store. September will bring several of these: PBS mousepads, travel mugs (in various colors and color combinations), keychain tags, and PBS stickers! And…BookMate book covers in a multitude of colors and designs! These will be the featured item for the first ever PBS “Back to school (and hitting the books) sale”! Prices on the BookMate book covers will increase on September 15, so order early and save! PBS will be the only online used book swapping site to offer these attractive and practical items. We will also be offering extended T-shirt sizes; these will need to be special-ordered in advance (there is a minimum quantity per order, so we need to accumulate a number of prepaid orders). If you want a T-shirt in a special size, send the store an email (store@paperbackswap.com), stating quantity and size. As soon as we receive enough orders, we will bring in inventory and email you to place your order. Remember, your PBS Store purchase not only tells the world how much you love the club, but helps support the site at the same time. We “feel the love”—and thank you!

Recent Testimonial from a PBS Member: Newsletter – January 2006

Friday, January 6th, 2006

I have loved this site since I first joined in April 2005. I have explored so many new genres and read so many books since joining. But, it’s not just the books that make PBS such a great site. It’s the people. I have made so many new friends since joining. People who understand my love of books and reading. I knew that the majority of the people that I had met since joining were wonderful but I didn’t truly realize how wonderful until my family and I lost everything that we owned to a tornado November 15. One of the members realized that it had hit in the area that I lived in and then Richard (co-founder of PBS) called to check on us. They then let everyone on the forums know what had happened to us. The overwhelming support and love we have received from the people on PBS has touched our lives in a way that little else can. In our time of need people that we have never met in real life reached out and helped us. I have felt more love from my online book buddies than from my friends in real life. It has made me realize how truly wonderful the world can be. I just want to thank all of the people on here and tell all the new people what a wonderful site this truly is.
Hayley M. – MADISONVILLE, KY – 12/30/2005

Testimonial from a fellow club member . . . Newsletter – October 2005

Wednesday, October 12th, 2005

“I do love paperbackswap. I tell everyone about it and I don’t even care if I get a book credit! It is a great way to find good books because of the many browsing features. Much better then reading the backs of books at a bookstore. You can find out what everyone else is reading. I just got a whole slew of practically new Dr. Suess books…I could never have afforded to buy them at the store. Supposedly I’ve saved 140.00 dollars on books this year, but I know its been much more than that. Now I have something new to read to my daughter. If you’ve ever read the same book to a kid 20 times you know the value of that! My hats off (if I wore one) to the founders of paperbackswap!”

Cindy D. – Manchester, GA – 10/11/2005

Quote from One of our Members: Newsletter – October 2005

Saturday, October 1st, 2005

I have received over 60 books, and find myself checking this website and my email over a dozen times a day, as well as checking the mail every day as soon as it arrives. I have received over 60 books and I must say I am thoroughly surprised as to the integrity and honesty of the members of this website. I have received several messages asking if it was ok the dust jacket was missing, as well as small things like that because they want to be sure that everyone is happy!
Judeden F. – GILBERT, AZ – 11/3/2005

This Month’s Quote from Our Testimonials Section: Newsletter – August 2005

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005

I cannot believe how easy it is to find your way around this website! It does everything – even lists all the books I’ve read. In the past two weeks, I’ve sent out over 30 paperbacks that have been sitting around the house just gathering dust. And I can find just about anything I’m interested in – this is heaven!
Pam B. – Northport, NY – 8/15/2005