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A heartwarming message: Newsletter – April 2008

Stephanie P. (dastephan6) wrote in to us to say: “I absolutely love the PBS family. Not only is this a great site to swap books on, but it’s also a way to come together in a time of need. back in september of 2007, my house burned down. i lost everything, including over 400 books. I made a post in the forum just letting members know that…if someone had requested one from me, I might have to refuse… Immediately, I was contacted by several members sending their thougths and prayers. But the members didn’t stop there. A member took my address and gave it to other members who were interested in helping me and my family out. By the end of september, I [was] back on my feet. That was i really noticed that this site was for more than just trading books, it is a place to become friends.”

We are so glad you are doing better, Stephanie!  This is not the first time, nor the last, that PaperBackSwap members prove that the PBS bond is more than just a shared love of reading.   Our members are a caring group, and never cease to humble us with their kindness to one another.

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