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Mystery Review – ‘Twas the Bite Before Christmas

‘Twas the Bite Before Christmas by Andy Carpenter

Review by JJares


I don’t care how many lame jokes and impossible situations defense lawyer Andy Carpenter gets himself into; it is always a fun read. I love being swept along with the reluctant Andy (whining all the way). It is a Christmas party at the Tara Foundation when Pete Stanton calls Andy and tells him to come outside. They want Andy to bring out one of the celebrants, Bobby Klaster. Andy knows him by another name and is confused.
Years ago, Bobby was in a gang that turned to murder. He exited the gang by testifying in the trial and joining the Witness Protection Program. I was stunned to learn that the state WPP is wimpy; they relocate the person within the same state, only giving him a new identity. Federal WPPs are moved to another state with more perks than the state model.
Bobby is accused of murdering a former gang member. Of course, the gun is found in his home, along with blood in his car trunk. When the police discover Bobby’s past, they look no further for a suspect. Crime boss Joseph Russo, Jr. appears, helping Andy and his case. Of course, the plot moves predictably, but I don’t care; I love the crazy dogs, especially the Basset Hound. Marcus Clark is in full swing with his fists while Andy cowers in the background.
This is a long-running series about a reluctant lawyer and his dog foundation. Sit back and enjoy another wild story with Andy and all the usual suspects. The laughs start on the first page and continue till the end.






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