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Recent Testimonial from a PBS Member: Newsletter – January 2006

I have loved this site since I first joined in April 2005. I have explored so many new genres and read so many books since joining. But, it’s not just the books that make PBS such a great site. It’s the people. I have made so many new friends since joining. People who understand my love of books and reading. I knew that the majority of the people that I had met since joining were wonderful but I didn’t truly realize how wonderful until my family and I lost everything that we owned to a tornado November 15. One of the members realized that it had hit in the area that I lived in and then Richard (co-founder of PBS) called to check on us. They then let everyone on the forums know what had happened to us. The overwhelming support and love we have received from the people on PBS has touched our lives in a way that little else can. In our time of need people that we have never met in real life reached out and helped us. I have felt more love from my online book buddies than from my friends in real life. It has made me realize how truly wonderful the world can be. I just want to thank all of the people on here and tell all the new people what a wonderful site this truly is.
Hayley M. – MADISONVILLE, KY – 12/30/2005

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