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Testimonial from a fellow club member . . . Newsletter – October 2005

“I do love paperbackswap. I tell everyone about it and I don’t even care if I get a book credit! It is a great way to find good books because of the many browsing features. Much better then reading the backs of books at a bookstore. You can find out what everyone else is reading. I just got a whole slew of practically new Dr. Suess books…I could never have afforded to buy them at the store. Supposedly I’ve saved 140.00 dollars on books this year, but I know its been much more than that. Now I have something new to read to my daughter. If you’ve ever read the same book to a kid 20 times you know the value of that! My hats off (if I wore one) to the founders of paperbackswap!”

Cindy D. – Manchester, GA – 10/11/2005

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