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PBS Cookbook: Newsletter – November 2007

No excuses. How can you say you don’t want a PBS Cookbook?  You say you can’t cook?  There are recipes for every ability level.  You say you don’t like to cook?  Someone you know does!  Why not give them a copy and they can cook for you?  You say you have enough books?  Okay, we didn’t even hear that.   For goodness’ sake, get to the Kiosk and pre-order a copy (or two or three) now.  You can even be one of the authors (contact royaltech if you want to submit recipes) or illustrators (submit a cover design here)!  We have some great submissions for the cover art so far, but hardly anyone has voted on them, so we have extended the contest deadline.   If we get enough images, we might use some of them inside the cookbook, for the section dividers.  Submit your design here, and vote on submitted designs here.   The book will go to press when we have 250 prepaid orders.  We are about halfway there.   C’mon, c’mon!  We can’t wait to get our copy!

Speaking of Recipes… Many of you are enjoying the Recipe feature on the site.   However, there are some who are submitting recipes without entering the ingredients properly in the list format provided.  Submitted recipes that don’t have the ingredients properly entered (in the Ingredients list, not the Directions) can’t be indexed and will be removed from the site.  So make the extra effort to enter your recipes properly, and ensure that they will remain on the site and be useful to other members.  You can go back and edit any recipes that you submitted incorrectly before December 1st when the “purge” will take place.


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