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Dear Members, Newsletter – November 2007

So…you’ve waved goodnight to the last trick-or-treater, blown the candle out in the Jack O’Lantern, and set your clocks back. You know what this means: the season of madness is here! Yes, that wonderful, harried, chock-full holiday time. The next couple of months will be so busy: shops will be crowded, traffic insane, and your To Do list will seem endless. In the middle of all the rushing around, do try to take time for yourselves, to savor the things that make you happy. A chat with a good friend; great music from your iPod while you rake leaves; that moment of anticipation when you first open a good book to start reading; the laughter around the dinner table. Little opportunities for thanksgiving come every day.
We have those opportunities too–we are reminded every time we get happy feedback from a member. We are thankful for every one of you: the members who volunteer their efforts to help the site, those who have made the Discussion Forums feel like a giant, wacky family, and of course all of the members who keep posting and swapping books. Each of you contributes so much here–your books, your time, yourselves. We don’t forget that you are the club. In other words, we may set the table, but you bring the pumpkin pie!
We wish all of you a joyous Thanksgiving season.

Richard and Robert
and the PaperBackSwap Team

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