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Welcome to our 303rd PaperbackSwap.com Blog Post!

Monday, April 13th, 2009

First of all, I bet you’re wondering why we have 4 years worth of Blog Posts and you have never seen any of them before now!   Well, that’s because we’re starting our blog with the archives.   We realized that we had all of this great information in our newsletter archive and thought, our members might like to see how we’ve changed over time.  Take a look at the different milestones to see how the club has grown.  With the blog, it’s now easy to find things like the previous Members of the MonthSite Tips & TricksShipping & USPS info, Dear Librarian and much more.

What can you expect to see here in the future?  We plan to introduce some new features here, including podcasts, book discussions and author interviews, and we’d also like to use the blog to keep members updated on what’s happening in the club in between the monthly newsletters. We will continue “chopping up” the newsletters and posting them here as they do contain a lot of  great information, but we’ll also be able to announce club events (contests, new features, etc) here in a more real-time fashion.

Is there something you’d like us to blog about?  As always we’re open to suggestions!
Richard & the PBS Team