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A PBS Shower of Affection: Newsletter – June 2007

Jessie opening her surprise-shower gifts. See A PBS Shower of Affection, below.

Jessie M. (checkingmypulse) thought she was just playing another Swap Game in the Games Forum. Little did she know the whole thing was a SHAM! The theme of the game was “Scouting for New Kitchenware”, and Lori G (auntielala) was the hostess. The conspirators selected kitchen gadgets related to the title of a book, and pretended to send the items to their “swap buddies”. Jessie had no idea that this was all fake–that everyone in the game was collecting things to send to HER, as a PBS wedding shower! It was an intricate and flawless conspiracy: the “con artists” posted fake DC #s and described the items they’d “received”; one even wailed about the package she’d sent possibly having been lost in the mail. Jessie, completely unsuspecting, dutifully packed up a kitchen gadget and sent it off. Then the packages started to arrive at Jessie’s house! A Kitchen Aid mixer, muffin tins, mixing bowls, serving dishes…the list goes on and on. Even biscuits for Jessie’s dog Scout! Read the list of participants and the “booty” Jessie received here. See Mendy V (Mendy)’s slideshow of the shower (with music!) here. Best wishes to Jessie and Greta, whose wedding is in August.


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