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A very special package

By Nikki G. (nikkig224)


I am a reader, an avid reader at that. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you. If I could, I would have walls lined with all of my books. But of course, that is in my fantasy world. In the real world, I have no room to keep the books I have when I get new ones. This is why I joined PaperBackSwap. My beloved books would get sent to a new owner to treasure them, and in turn I get the opportunity to discover new books. It’s a great win-win situation for any reader.

Now I’ve been a member for quite a while. I’ve sent out and received my fair share of books in all sorts of packaging. There is the classic “two sheets for a small paperback”, or a white envelope cut to fit a larger book. I’ve even seen people take recycling one step further and send me books in envelopes they had received books in previously, and I have a tendency to ask for paper bags at the grocery store to send out brown paper-wrapped books. But last week, I received a book from a member that takes recycling to a whole new level.

The book was “Raw: A Love Story”, and it had been on my Wish List for a while. However, I had no idea what it was when I first opened my mailbox. What I saw was a strangely colorful, patterned package staring back at me. Despite my confusion, I picked it up and looked at the back. There, staring back at me, was Kentucky. Not just a picture of my home state, but a detailed map of Kentucky.

Now there are quite a few reasons I was excited about this package. It was a new book, of course, and one that I had wanted for a while. But here is was wrapped in a map of my own state. Some member, Lynda G. in fact, took the time to see where I lived before wrapping the package. Oh sure, she bundled it up to protect it from the elements better than any wrap job I have seen. But as I looked at it all I could think was about all of the places I was seeing on this package that I had traveled to.

I’m sorry, fellow PBS swappers, you won’t be getting this book from me. No, Lynda G. took too much time and effort to personalize this package and make it seem really special to me. That, and it is completely awesome.



3 Responses to “A very special package”

  1. Nikki G says:

    I’m so glad to see this up here. If anyone else has had a really neat encounter with Lynda G. (the sender) please nominate her for Member of the Month! This was too cool not to share.

  2. Pat B. (applebart) , says:

    Love it. I like to use bits of wrapping paper to send out books and learned by experience to always have a plastic under layer.

  3. Kay R. (Frenchielover) says:

    It makes life much more interesting to get a package rather than just a book. My husband gets aggravated when he sees one coming in but is happy to see those going out. I am a book-a-holic I guess, but it is better than a lot of other titles I can think of. Great idea Lynda G. Thanks for sharingNikki.//Kay

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