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Adult SciFi Review – Champions of Terra

Champions of Terra by Viola Grace


Review by Cynthia F. (frazerc)


The aliens came to us and let it be known they were willing to give Terrans a chance to prove that they were up to the challenge of a wider universe.  Only 2000 would be chosen, people with specialized talents and skills that the Alliance felt would be best suited to adjust to their new situations. The contract was simple – training would be provided but Volunteers must make their way in the stars and prove that they could live, love, and adapt by being successful. They could not return to Earth, ever. They could not mate with another Terran. They must provide an heir of their body by one of the alien races. And they must produce five Champions who were judged to be the best their race had to offer. This series is the stories of those who were declared Champions…

I rate her stories pretty consistently as either 4s or 5s. Frequently there is sex – alien sex of course – and some very weird aliens they are but all seem to accomplish the ‘insert tab A into slot B’ thing to the delight of all concerned.

Additional interest is provided when we discover that many Earth legends were actually visitations of alien species. In this series we meet the Dhemons and the almost extinct Admarians (elves – both dark and light) – but other entries include Enjels and Vimpyrs and Dragons… The common thread to these 5 stories is Negotiator Tyrell, who, as we find out in Haldis Imperium, is also a Terran.

This author is prolific. Really, REALLY prolific – and that’s a good thing because I enjoy her stuff.  Note: these are short story/short novella sized works that share a common universe – related series are the Sector Guard, Tales of the Citadel, the Rune series, Terran Times, and she has just started a second series similar to the Terran Times – only this deals with the Volunteers who have come out to the stars in the second wave. Seems like the whole Terran experiment is working out!



Arena Station

Deal with a Dhemon

Avari Nyx

Marks of Admar

Haldis Imperium



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