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Author Interview with Ethan Stone

Today’s interview is with Troy D. (tdaulton) who writes under the pseudonym Ethan Stone.  He currently has two full-length novels In The Flesh and Flesh and Blood as well as two short story eBooks published through Dreamspinner Press.  He has two additional full length novels in the cue: a paranormal novel, Wolf Moon, due out in May and Blood and Tears due out in late summer 2011.  He is also a volunteer Book Image and Book Data Approver for PBS.

A very special Thank You to Mary (kilchurn) for doing this interview with Ethan Stone for the PBS Blog!


Mary:  How did you come up with your signature character, Cristian Flesh?

ES: Cristian Flesh started in my head with just his last name. With just that I pictured a very visceral man who put a lot of importance in sex. When I decided on the name Cristian, I pictured him more clearly. I could see the shaved head, the man-scaped body and his cool, aloof demeanor. I saw him as a macho, tough guy who everybody would imagine as a sexual top, when in fact he was a total bottom. The rest of his personality came to me shortly after that.

Mary: What qualities (if any) does he share with you?

ES: Like me, when Cristian loves a man, he loves totally and completely. Insecurity is also something Cristian and I share. Cristian may not come off as insecure, but he is. He wonders why Colby would love him and is always waiting for something bad to happen and for it all tobe over.

Mary: Will we see Cristian in future books or are you heading in a different direction?

ES: In the Flesh and Flesh & Blood were both stories that were in my head almost from the beginning. Cristian plays a supporting role in Blood and Tears, which is due out in July or August. As for beyond that, I don’t have any concrete plans. I have some brewing ideas, but I’m not sure if they’ll ever come to fruition. But I’m definitely not saying never.

Mary: Why write male/male gay fiction?

ES: Why not? I’ve always liked to write. For years I wrote my own personal soap opera. Many years ago I wrote a novel that would be considered a mainstream novel, but I’m not sure how good it is. After I accepted my homosexuality the only ideas I ever had involved gay men and I just didn’t think there would ever be an audience for that sort of thing. I was thrilled, ecstatic, and very excited when I discovered the m/m genre. The short answer for the question is that I write m/m fiction because the voices in my head are gay men in love with each other.

Mary: Which is easier for you to write; the dialogue, the sex scenes or the background /transitions?

ES: Definitely not the sex scenes, those are very easy to write. Too easy, actually.  I eliminated about three sex scenes from In the Flesh after the first draft because they just weren’t needed.  When I start a book it is often the dialogue, but once I get a strong handle on the characters the dialogue become easy.

Mary: You have a paranormal book coming out in May.  What can your readers expect?

ES: I think Wolf Moon is a departure from the Cristian Flesh books. I wrote it before Flesh & Blood, but Dreamspinner Press chose to publish it as my third book. Wolf Moon is about Jack Coleman who falls in love for the first time only to discover that both him and the man he loves are werewolves.

Mary: Do you think you’ll ever write a novel based on or in relation to your real-life job?

ES: Working at a prison I do get a lot of ideas for books. It could be a non-fiction book but a lot of readers wouldn’t find it believable. As far as fiction, I do have ideas but they’re in conflict with my personal convictions. For instance, I have an idea about a guard and an inmate falling in love. But that is something that is obviously forbidden. As far as inmates in love, it would be absolutely necessary for me to make it as realistic as possible. The couple prison stories I have read seem to get things wrong, like the use of condoms. Inmates don’t have access to condoms, because sex between inmates is not allowed. Not even consensual sex between inmates. So if the characters are going to use condoms there should be an explanation of how they got them. Otherwise, they’d have to go without condoms or use something else, such as rubber gloves.

Mary: What books are in your immediate TBR pile (ie: that you want to read RIGHT NOW?)

ES: Man and Wolf by Kate Roman. Final Encore by Scotty Cade. Heaven Sent by Jet Mykles. Moth and Flames by John Morgan Wilson.

Mary: Do you have an “auto-buy” author, meaning is there an author that you love so much that you buy their book on the day it is released?

ES: Marie Sexton is an absolute favorite of mine, but I also love John Simpson, J.L. Langley,  Joely Skye, K.A. Mitchell, T.A. Chase and Josh Lanyon.

Mary: What one book on your WL do you desperately wish someone would post?

ES:  I can only pick one? Mahu Blood by Neil S. Plakcy. I absolutely love that series.

Mary: You’ve been an active member of PBS for a while.  How did you hear about us?

ES:  I was in a waiting room and an article mentioned the best online sites for trading. I made a list of the sites, one of which was PBS. I don’t remember what those other sites are now, but I’m still here.

Mary: If you could change one thing about our site what would it be?

ES: I would love to be able to have more than 200 books on my wish list. But I’m not sure 500 would be enough for me.

Mary: What is one thing you’d like your readers to know about you that they may not know?

ES: I don’t wear underwear.

Comment on the Interview! One lucky winner will get a signed copy of Flesh and Blood! The winners will be chosen at random from the comments and we will announce the winners soon!

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23 Responses to “Author Interview with Ethan Stone”

  1. Sianeka N Hollywood, CA says:

    No underwear???!!! LOL

    Thanks for the insights, Troy. I’ve been wanting to read In the Flesh and now I need to put Flesh and Blood on my WL as well! (I’m currently #3 on WL for ITF, so if I could win it, I will have a spot open for FAB!!! *keeping my fingers crossed*

  2. Dawn D. (SweetieD) says:

    Loved the insight into Christian and yourself. In the Flesh was such a great read so I can’t wait to get to read Flesh & Blood. I pictured you in boxer briefs…really you go commando?? LOL

  3. Tina A. (tmadamski) says:

    Great interview Troy (& Mary). I think a book based at your job could be great! I just got In The Flesh and can’t wait to read it and Flesh and Blood.

  4. Diane G. (icesk8tr) , says:

    Veeery interesting!! I love the fact that a lot of authors are members of PBS! These interviews are making me look at books I would never normally read.

  5. Rose P. (capereader) says:

    Loved it, Troy & Mary! Troy, I haven’t read anything by you yet, what’s wrong with me? Mary, I think you missed your calling- nice job!

  6. Laura B. (rureadinganotherone) says:

    Great now I have to visualize you with no underwear, thanks for that, LOL, naw just kidding, Love ya. Troy, I am so proud of you and your accomplishments. I love PBS not only for the books but for the best friends in the world. And for those that have not read Ethan’s books you don’t know what your missing so get on it. Thanks for the doing the interview Mary 🙂

  7. Anne (booklover6) says:

    Great interview, Mary! Ethan, love a man who goes commando!

  8. Monika Z. (bengelchen) says:

    Thanks for the interview, loved In the Flesh and can’t wait to read any book you will write.

  9. Mandy P. (mpyff) , says:

    Great interview, Mary & Troy! So cool there are authors in our midst… I must venture out of my safe, little PBS box sometimes… 🙂 I will definitely be adding your books to my WL… I hope I’m not at 200, yet 😉

  10. Melissa H. (missyh) says:

    Great interview Troy and Mary!! Ive not read any of your books yet either Troy but i cant wait to!

  11. Dagmar (Scholli) says:

    Great interview! Well, there’s more books added to my wish list. Looking forward to reading them.

  12. Sarah H. (pieandcake) , says:

    A rubber glove??? I keep picturing a yellow dish glove and now I can’t get the image from my mind!! LOL I always wonder how much of an author is in their characters they write or if the characters are a complete opposite of them. Great Q&A!

  13. Jamie S. (2lilmonkees) says:

    Hey Ethan, LOVE ur books!! 🙂 I like the behind the scenes stuff too. Big Fan!!!

  14. Julie (ecomama) says:

    New to the genre, but have read a little and enjoy great character development and truly loving, regardless of gender…so have my eye on your books; thanks for sharing!

  15. Issa S. (Issa-345) says:

    Thanks Troy and Mary. I always love hearing Troy’s take on life…now about that commando comment, I can’t believe we didn’t realize that on our own LOL. Very excited to read book 2.

  16. Kathy (kss) says:

    Troy, cant wait to get my hands on Flesh and blood. Loved the first one. Your interviews are always fun to read. The glove thing, OMG LOL!!

  17. Gaimangrrl says:

    Total newbie to the m/m genre, but the character insight (and description) have convinced me to add both books to my WL. Oh how these DOS ladies have corrupted me…. Great interview Tory and Mary. Thank you for the insight into the books and your RL.

  18. Sarah (gingerkitty) says:

    Great interview! I love hearing about how an author comes up with their characters.

  19. Richard C. (Richard-luvs-Reading) , says:

    I appreciate that PBS Supports Authors on the Site! Accordingly, the interview was very informative with both Troy’s Past and Future, and I sparkle Troy’s wish of allowing more Books on our Wishlists. Additionally, Troy does play in the Fun Game’s Forum, and for anyone not familiar that we have Swap Games on PBS. Fun! 🙂

  20. (bookfan1) says:

    What a candid interview!

  21. Bookfanatic says:

    I didn’t realize you went commando, Troy. LOL! The things I know about my PBS Friends.

    Great interview. Can’t wait to read the book.

  22. Troy D. (tdaulton) , says:

    I have to thank PBS for the incredible opportunity. If it weren’t for PBS I wouldn’t have met Marie Sexton who helped push me to write In the Flesh. And I wouldn’t have met some of the best lady friends ever. Fabulous women who support and encourage me and give me excellent advice.

    I truly love PBS. I trade books all the time and play in swaps.

    Thanks for everyone for checking out my interview.

  23. Stephanie G. (thestephanieloves) says:

    Flesh and Blood sounds intriguing…can’t wait to pick it up 🙂


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