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Author Interview with Kate Pearce

Author Interview with Kate Pearce by Misty (millywv)


Misty:  What inspires you to write?

Kate: It’s a combination of things. I need to write to get all the stuff out of my head to make room for the new stuff and I have this strange desire to communicate with people. The communication thing is weird because in real life I’m actually very quiet.

Like a lot of authors I started to write because a) I thought I could do it better than some published authors and b) because I couldn’t find the type of books out there that I wanted to read, especially back in the day for erotic romance.

Misty:  In your writing, you have tackled historical romance, historical erotica, contemporary erotica, paranormal romance, and sci fi/futuristic. Which was your favorite time period and/or genre to write?

Kate: The historicals are still my favorite, because I’m an ex-Brit history major. I’m just happiest in that time period. I also love writing the really dark edgy sexy books. Writing American contemporary is the hardest thing I do because despite having lived in California for 13 years, its not natural for me. LOL. Writing paranormal and futuristic is also fun because you get the pleasure of making up the rules and creating the world.

Misty:  Do you do much research about time periods or themes before you start writing?

Kate: Yes, I do a lot of reading and googling. Sometimes I spend a whole day researching and end up writing 2 paragraphs about that particular thing that end up in the book. But as a history major I’m good at research and I love it!

I never think about the theme of the book. I usually only see it after I’ve written the first draft and then I sometimes go back and elaborate in the rewrite.

Misty:  Writing a book is a huge undertaking and must be a labor of love. Are you sad when you finish a book and say goodbye to the characters after spending so much time with them or are you just happy it is over so you can move on?

Kate: I’m lucky that I’ve been able to write a lot of series. For me that’s ideal because I get to visit with some of my older characters in the new books. For example, I’m currently writing book #7 in the ‘Simply’ series and it features the son of one of the earlier couples featured in book #.3 I’m also the sort of person who daydreams about my characters and imagines their lives after they leave my books. (writers are odd, you know.)

Misty: As a working mother and wife, do you ever find it difficult to balance family and work?

Kate: Absolutely. I have 4 kids between the ages of 22 and 9 who all have different needs. Sometimes I’ll spend a whole day just driving kids places and get very little writing done. It can get very frustrating, however my husband knows the signs and usually steps up and takes care of the kids when I’m on a really tight deadline.

Misty: Do you ever suffer from writer’s block and if so, how do you over come it?

Kate: Not really. 🙂 Sometimes I’ll realize I’ve written myself into a corner and I’ll just think the situation or scene through and usually my brain comes up with a solution. I do try and read widely though and do other creative things to refresh my imagination. I find that helps to prevent burnout.

Misty: I like to think that those who are gifted enough to be writers must truly love books. As one of the the gifted, what books have you loved reading?

Kate: I am a voracious reader and I have thousands of dearly loved books. I could go on all day about writers that I love and who have influenced me, but I’ll stick to a few: Rosemary Sutcliff, Jane Austen, Georgette Heyer, Dorothy Dunnett, Ian McEwan, Linda Howard, Emma Holly and Mary Balogh. Just wonderful inspiration.

Misty: What future projects do you have planned?

Well, I have a contemporary erotic romance called Raw Desire coming out with Kensington Aphrodisia at the end of August, and book #3 of my Tudor Vampire Chronicles, Mark of the Rose, comes out the first week of September. Next year in February 2012 will be Simply Carnal, book #7 of the House of Pleasure series.

Misty:  How long have you been a member and what is your favorite thing about PBS?

Kate: I’ve been a member for a couple of years. As I mentioned, I’m a voracious reader and it is a great way to get rid of books and get some of the older ones I’ve been after. I also like the discussion groups. Some of those ladies are FUN!

Misty:  Lastly, who is hotter, Gerard Butler or Colin Farrell?

Kate: I usually prefer Irishmen to Scots, but in this case, I’d go for Gerard, because he was so perfect as a Spartan. LOL



To find out more about Kate Pearce, you can go to her web-site: www.katepearce.com

Kate has generously offered to provide 2 books as prizes to members who comment on this interview.  2 winners will be chosen at random. Good Luck!

Simply Sexual


Kiss of the Rose

I’ll give away a copy of Simply Sexual and a copy of Kiss of the Rose because both of those are special and start the series. 🙂


Thank you Kate and Misty for a great interview!

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35 Responses to “Author Interview with Kate Pearce”

  1. Tina A. (tmadamski) says:

    Excellent interview Misty. Glad to feature one of our own!

  2. S. Y. (SYborg) says:

    Great questions and answers. Can’t wait for the new books : )

  3. Laura B. (rureadinganotherone) says:

    Nice interview! Gerard Butler or Colin Farrell ??? I just want them both!

  4. Whitney (whitneyab) , says:

    Thanks to both Misty and Kate for an interesting interview! I love being able to see into the mind of a writer, even for just a brief moment.

  5. Shelia R. (MamaDragon3) says:

    I’m not usually a fan of historicals in general, I have found Kate Pearce’s books to be very interesting and well written. I have really enjoyed the House of Pleasure books I have read (though I’ve not yet read them all), and I love the way she incorporates BDSM elements into a pleasurable and loving relationship. I look forward to reading more from her!

    Thanks to Kate also for making writing seem doable for a mom like me. I need the inspiration as I try to convince myself to write!

  6. Stephanie G. (thestephanieloves) says:

    Awesome interview, Kate! Your covers are simply…breathtaking 🙂 Can’t wait to try your stories!

  7. Jerelyn H. (I-F-Letty) says:

    Great interview! I am always excitied to see our talented members showcased.

  8. Cindy N. (canesl59) says:

    This is great!! I enjoyed reading your interview and actually got some tips about writing from it!! As it happens I am a great fan of historical romance and know it must take a great amount of research to write them.

    It also was nice to hear you are a regular mom and are as busy as the rest of us outside of your work. Gives me hope that one day I will write that perfect novel.

    Thanks and looking forward to reading your books!

  9. Melissa H. (missyh) says:

    Really great interview! Looking forward to the new books! Oh and i prefer Gerard too…lol.

  10. Angela (angelinagrl) says:

    A really interesting interview. I have been enjoying the Simply series Kate.

    Misty, I especially like the last question! This should be a standard question on all Official Questionnaires!!

  11. Hollie M. (holmaus) says:

    Great interview!

  12. Kate Pearce says:

    Thanks so much for having me, Misty! It was a pleasure to answer your questions and read all the comments so far. 🙂

  13. Maria (SassenachD) says:

    Great Interview! Wonderful to find a new author and more wish list books!

  14. Courtney (coco1019) says:

    Love the interview and love Kate!

  15. Misty (millywv) says:

    I think Kate is a fabulous author and I had a blast doing her interview. If you have not read a Kate Pearce book, run now and get one and immediately start reading it!!!!

    Kate Pearce ROCKS!!!!

    So does Gerard Butler!!!

  16. Issa S. (Issa-345) says:

    Ha Misty, always asking the most important questions! Loved the interview and seeing a glimpse of what happens in Kate’s head.

  17. Tamara (Tabbycat) says:

    Great job on the interview, Misty! I’m a big fan of Kate’s books especially the “Simply” series and can’t wait for the next adventure in the series!

    I’m with Laura (rureadinganotherone) on the most important question…too hard to make a choice, I’d just have to settle for taking both Colin and Gerard:)

  18. Julie D. (ecomama) says:

    Thank you Kate & Misty! Kate’s writing is excellent, her imagination is entertaining, and her characters are worth getting to know. Haven’t read either of those books, but very much looking forward to them sometime in the future…take care!

  19. Sarah (gingerkitty) says:

    Great interview Misty and thank you Kate for granting it! I’ve only managed to get my hands on a couple of Kate’s books but I have thoroughly enjoyed them both!

  20. Bonnie (LoveNE) , says:

    Thanks Misty, nice job! Thanks Kate for taking the time for some of us to meet you!

  21. Diane D. (dianed) says:

    Great job Misty!
    What a great interview, but I must disagree on the choice of boys… Go Team Colin!!!

  22. Jamie F. says:

    What a fun interview! Thanks for introducing me to a new author!

  23. Jade W. says:

    I love her. I’m excited to read some of her books now. I hope I win.

  24. Jeanne A. (amiaeagle) says:

    Thank you, Kate. As a writer that sometimes does more research than I do writing, you’ve given me hope. I love your vampire chronicles, both for the richness and complexity you interweave historical characters and places, and also, for the unique story-lines you create.

    Misty, I thought you did a great job asking questions that helped us to know Kate better as a writer, mother, and person.

  25. Nancy W. says:

    One of the libraries I have a digital membership to just added the Simply series to their collection. Naughty books on the Nook. Yay!
    I’m excited to hear of an author who is not only a member here, but actively swaps books and participates on the forums. For all we hear periodically how sites like this will kill the publishing industry, I think this type of group is actually one that keeps it going with interest in new authors and fiercely fanatical auto buys.
    Thanks for the interview!

  26. ladystyx says:

    Awesome interview! loved reading about some of her favorite authors.
    Great Job Misty!

  27. Rosemary F. (canadianeh) says:

    Writers always seem somewhat magical to me — I’ve never been able to write a complete book because I get bogged down. I was fascinated that they just seem to fall out of the author’s head, a little jealous too. Thanks for the insights.

  28. Kate Pearce says:

    Writing when you have kids can be quite challenging as you can’t just put the kids off -when they need something, they need it right now! LOL but I’ve trained my older kids to only come and get me when there is blood, broken glass or someone at the door who needs something signed. LOL
    The good thing about writing at home is that I am here with them most of the time, the bad thing about writing at home is that I’m here with them most of the time. You can’t win sometimes.

    I wish the stories just fell out of my head. Sometimes it feels like I’m having to force every word out and sometimes things just flow beautifully. It always makes me smile that someone can read something that took me months to write in an evening. but I’m really lucky to have found a way to follow my dreams.

    I like paperback swap but I always worry about being one of those terrible authors who spam everyone, so I try not to be too intrusive and use my real name when I’m swapping books. 🙂 It is such a great site for avid readers like me-although I’m buying more books digitally to read on my iPad these days due to lack of space!

  29. Sianeka N Hollywood, CA says:

    Thank you both for the interview! It’s always interesting to hear “behind the scenes” information and I always enjoy a book better when I know more about the author. Maybe it’s the feeling that “Hey, I -know- that person!” that helps. Even if you don’t truly “know” them, you still feel a bond/connection/link. And Kate is a PBS member too!!!!!!

    (I’m on team Colin — it’s his eyes!!!)

  30. Shannon G. (forever913) says:

    It’s amazing that someone can write and take care of 4 kids at the same time. I can’t do anything long-term with my 2. The two series sound very interesting.

  31. Elizabeth K. (ejanekoski) says:

    I’ve never read Kate Pearce but this interview made me want to check out her books. I love the reasons for being an author she mentioned. I’m often amazed by the skill some of my favorite authors have. I wish I could be as talented. Great Interview.

  32. Doree R. (nuquilter) says:

    Thanks so much Misty and Kate. I have not had the pleasure of reading Kate’s books yet, but I do have a couple on my TBR and have heard such wonderful things about her books. I can’t read books out of order though so much wait to get the beginning books in the Simply series. Looking forward to some great reading.

  33. Karen H. (warbler43) says:

    Thanks to Kate and Misty for a very interesting interview. While I’ve heard about you Kate, I’ve never read your work. I believe I’ll be checking into your stuff a little closer….great covers, BTW. Oh and between Gerard & Colin??? I agree, how about both? Works for me!

  34. Laura H. (MamaHendo3) , says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway! “Kiss of the Rose” has been on my wishlist for quite a while. I love the idea of vampires in the Tudor era. And…..I’m soooo with you on Gerard Butler!

  35. Karen H. (warbler43) says:

    Just wondering….when will the winners of this giveaway be drawn and names posted? Thanks

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