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An Interview with Author Robin Murphy by Diane G. (icesk8tr)



We would like to welcome Robin Murphy back to talk about her third book “Federal City’s Secret”.

Thank you Diane, it’s great to be back, and thank you for allowing me to chat about my book.


Diane: How are things going with the sales of your first two books?

Robin: I’d say my sales are average. I haven’t reached my dream of writing full time, but that day will come and I’m in it for the long haul…it’s my passion. Paranormal mysteries are a sub-genre, so it takes quite a bit of marketing to get my book into a new reader’s hands.


Diane: Are you planning on continuing with the series with every new book you write?

Robin: With regard to fiction writing, it’s hard to say. It’s been the case so far, but actually, I just finished my first nonfiction book, A Complete “How To” Guide for Rookie Writers in February of this year. It’s a very practical, hands-on and user-friendly book to enable a rookie writer to learn how to get their newly created work produced and available to readers.

I write what “nags” in my brain. I am a bit of a panster, so I do write what pokes at me and gives me the most pleasure. I work at writing for myself first, and then for everyone else. When I follow that rule, I’d like to think it comes across in my writing.


Diane: Your third book “Federal City’s Secret” brings us to Washington, DC for another adventure. Is there any significance in the locations you have picked for your stories, and are you going to continue with a different location for each book?

Robin: There isn’t any significance, other than these places excite me and I’ve enjoyed visiting them to use as my settings. Washington, DC is very close to where I live and I’ve been there many times, so it was a natural fit for this book.

My fourth book will be back in South Carolina, but will include another island. I love the beach, so it’s a natural pull for me to travel there and discover new areas to include in my book.


Diane: Marie is continuing to grow as a psychic and gain new abilities. Is this going to change her relationship with the other members of the team as she grows?

Robin: I love that you noticed how Marie is growing, which is something I tried to convey through each of these stories. Even though these stories are fiction, readers need to be able to associate with them, flaws and strengths, it makes us enjoy being around the characters in the books we read.

The changes that take place in the relationships between Marie and the SIPS team, as well as Cory, are gradual but very important. The team has come to genuinely appreciate Marie’s gifts and they rely on her during their investigations, as well as to help solve the crimes. For Cory, well why don’t we just let the readers learn how Cory really feels about Marie’s gifts.


Diane: One of the SIPS team members has moved on to the spirit world, is she going to continue to help the team with investigations through the members abilities?

Robin: Oh I’d love to share with you how this will play out, but you’ll have to wait and read the fourth book in my series. 🙂


Diane: What is next for this series and the SIPS team?

Robin: As I said, the fourth book will take place back on Sullivan’s Island, as well as Folly Island. There will be a new beginning for Marie, along with more murders and mystery. However, this book will involve local folk lore, pirates, possibly buried treasure, and more.


Diane: Where is your book available?

Robin: Paperback and Kindle on Amazon


Diane: In my searches online I came across a Serial Killer named Robin Murphy, have you heard about this person? Maybe you could incorporate some of that into one of your books.

Robin: Interestingly enough, I came across that also, and I used the story for a bit of research on my second book, Secret of the Big Easy, but it was creepy to see my name associated with a serial killer. 🙂


Diane: Thanks again, it is always a pleasure talking to you!

Robin: Thank you Diane, it was a lot of fun. I love Paperback Swap!












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  1. Charlie M. (bookaddicted) , says:

    Nice interview. Always fun to discover new reads and these sound like something I will enjoy.

    On a side note, I would also encourage Ms. Murphy to add her books to Indiebound.org to gain a wider audience

  2. Vicky A. (dunnville) says:

    Great reviews, historical fiction so compelling, on my want to read list.

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