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Books for Schools 2012



Dear Members,

We are very pleased to announce Books for Schools 2012, where your unused book credits can make all the difference in a child’s life! 

In the last few years, thanks to the generosity of our members, we have been able to donate upwards of 100,000 books to students in need. This year we hope to send over 20,000 books!

We have received many inquiries from members, asking when we will be running this donation drive again.  As always, we are so impressed with, and touched by, our members’ generosity.  This club is filled with avid readers many of whom fell in love with books as children, and the desire to pass along that tremendous gift to more children is so strong here.  Because of your enthusiasm in past years, we have been able to help far more schools than we had ever expected.

All of the selected schools have a high percentage of students receiving a free or reduced-fee lunch.  These kids are eager for books, but their school libraries’ funds are lacking, and many of the students have never owned a book.  Making it possible for them to be able to borrow books from the classroom, or to have books of their own to read at home, is a wonderful way to give the gift of reading to a child this holiday season.

For each credit you donate, PaperBackSwap will provide a brand new book to one of these schools!  The books will be used in the classrooms, and/or given to the students to keep.  Once a school has reached its goal of donated credits and PBS Money (which will defray the cost of sortin, shipping and handling), the listing will move to the Completed tab, and a new school will become active and begin accepting donations.  When the campaign is complete, PaperBackSwap will purchase and send all of the books to the schools, at no cost to them. Read more about how the program works.


Thanks for joining us in making a real difference in the education of these children!


 Richard Pickering and The PaperBackSwap Team





Our hearts go out to the students, teachers, administration and community of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT

and it is to them that we dedicate this year’s Books for Schools campaign.


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  1. Gail P. (TinkerPirate) Montara, CA says:

    Every year…I just pay it forward…won’t you consider it???

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