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Bulk Book Orders: Newsletter – August 2005

How many times have you started to request a book from another member and wondered if they have more books that would match your interests? Now, when you request a book, you have the option to look at the sending member’s entire bookshelf to see if they have more books you’d like to request at the same time. If they do, our Bulk Book Order system benefits all. Now the sender can package the books together, sending them to you at a less expensive postal rate than sending them out one at a time. Also, for the sender, this means a better chance of their books being requested. The requesting member also benefits because all the books come in one order, instead of trickling in one at a time. As a sending member, keep in mind that you can accept the entire request or parts of it. Also, if you have a need to mail the books separately, you can still do this by printing the wrappers individually.


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