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Condition of Books: Newsletter – August 2005

As a reminder, we ask that all members comply with the “Condition of Books” statement in the posting and shipping area of the site. Remember, the club policy on book conditions is listed on the posting page. It state:

“Please remember our club is based on honesty and integrity from our members about their books. You will not receive a credit if your book is shipped in poor condition. In order to post this book you must AGREE to the conditions of the book listed below:

1. My book is not missing its cover.
2. My book is not an Advanced Reading Copy (ARC)
3. My book has no water damage of any kind.
4. My book is not excessively worn, and it is in good condition.”

In addition to the above conditions, all members will be required to agree to the statement below in order to post books into the system.

“By posting books, I agree to fulfill shipping the requests of other PBS members. I understand that the posting of books without the intention of mailing them upon request constitutes fraud and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

This condition was required because we were alerted to a handful of members who were posting books only to receive their three free credits. Some would even accept a request only to never mail the book. As you all know, one bad apple can affect the entire basket if we don’t take action to prevent it in the future. We thank you in advance for understanding the need for this action.


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