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Dear Librarian,

Dear Librarian- The other day I got an email reminding me to repost a book I’d received.   But I’ve already reposted that book!  Why did I get that email?  –Curious in Chillicothe

Dear Cue,

The email was actually encouraging you to rate or even review the book, if you had read it.  Assigning star ratings is one of the most helpful things a member can do for the club — it helps other members get a better idea if they might want to order that book.  It also helps any member who has posted the book – a highly-rated book is more likely to be requested.  So rate those you have, and those you don’t have but have read!   And if you’re feeling chatty, reviewing a book is really a terrific thing to do also, to let other members know what you thought of a book.  It doesn’t have to be a “literary” review – but hearing from another member why she or he liked (or didn’t like) a book can really mean a lot to someone who is browsing for his or her next read.  “Real words” from “real members” carry a lot more power than the publisher’s blurb!

Dear Librarian-  I am in a military family and we are at an APO address.  That means sometimes the books we request take longer to get to us, and many of them are declared “lost” by PBS before we get them.  Not to worry – I have read the Help Center information on managing accounts from USPS-served addresses outside the contiguous US, and I know how to mark the books received from my Transaction Archive and give the senders credit.  What I am wondering is, why do I sometimes get another offer of the book after I have marked it received?  Shouldn’t the system know I got the book and take it off my Wish List?  — All Puzzled Over this at APO

Dear Po,

Yes, the system should know you got the book.  When it was declared “lost” it went onto your Wish List automatically – it makes sense that when you mark it received it will come off your Wish List automatically.  But that is not how things have been happening – up until now, members have had to remember to go take the formerly “lost” books off their Wish Lists after marking them received from the Transaction Archive.   Yes, we did say “up until now”!  How observant of you, Po!  Yes, we have finally fixed this and now when you mark a “lost” (or canceled) book as received, the item will come off your Wish List automatically (unless you mark the book “received, but with a problem”).   Just a few more clicks we’re saving you in your day!  Thanks for nudging us to take care of this – we’ve had it on our To Do list for a while. 🙂

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