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Dear Librarian

Dear Librarian- I worry about the authors–your website promotes swapping and not buying books.  How are the authors to survive?   — Worried in Waltham

Dear Walt,

We do understand your concerns!  We love authors too and we don’t want their income to be compromised.  So we are glad to tell you that we have many authors who are members, and who love PBS.  They have explained to us that PaperBackSwap is a great way for an author to find his or her public – members who would not take a chance and buy an unknown author will request unknown authors’ books here, since the investment is only a credit and that can be regained by re-swapping the book.  In this way, members find new authors to love, and are more likely to buy their books in the future (we all know there are some books you just can’t wait for!).   We have heard from many members, telling us that they have found new favorites here; and from many authors, thanking us for this way to get their books out to readers.  We think of PBS as kind of like a library – just a huge one, with no “due dates” to return the books you get.  It’s not a way to replace bookselling, but a great way for readers to get books and “meet” authors they might otherwise never have encountered.

Dear Librarian-  I recently moved to a small town and was saddened to leave behind the used bookstores of the city. Then I found paperback swap. I love it – I can get my used books (and for less than I was paying in the city). I tell everyone about this site and the service you provide for us.  — Rural Reader

Dear Roo,

Thanks for sending this message in! We are so glad the club is working to get books for you.  This is another reason why authors love PBS – because it opens up a world of books to so many who might otherwise be cut off!  A lot of America is still rural; not everyone has a bookstore or even a library nearby.    We are humbled by letters like yours, Roo, which remind us that PaperBackSswap is playing a really big part in some of our members’ lives.  It’s wonderful what the internet has made possible, isn’t it?

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