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Dear Members,

Dog Days are here again! Anyone else feeling that August lassitude? Even that exclamation point back there seemed to take too much energy. 🙂
The good news is that every change we have made recently on the site is designed to make things easier – so everything will take less effort to accomplish. Swapping should be simple, and we’re making it simpler all the time. All of our site tweaks this month will save you a click here and a click there…those clicks add up. Hey, don’t call it lazy, call it efficient! (We’ve been getting away with that one for years.)
And don’t say this in front of the children, but school will be starting soon! You can get a jump on those middle-school and high-school must-reads. Get reading lists ahead of time from your child’s school if you can, and order them through PBS in plenty of time to get them before the bell rings.
Argh – too hot to type – fingers sticking to keyboard – need ice-cold lemonade NOW.
Stay cool, everyone!
and the PaperBackSwap Team

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