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Dear Members, Newsletter – January 2009

2009, are you kidding?   When did that happen!
You know, oftentimes we start out a new year with firm plans to change something in our lives that we are really serious about wanting to change.  Then as the days turn into months, those commitments can slip out of our minds….  When I think back, I can hardly remember any of the resolutions that I have made over the years.

I thought that it would be interesting for us to make a place for members to list your New Year’s Resolutions on the site.  Then next year (2010!) we can all look back and see how we did.
Simply click here and add your Resolutions.  Maybe you have one thing you really want to do this year.  Or two.  Or three!  State them boldly there for everyone to see!   And don’t forget to check out the new Forums (see NEWS, below) for help with getting greener, getting fitter, and saving money.

2009 should be an interesting year.  The country is facing a lot of challenges, but we’ve withstood worse in the past and come through stronger and better.  We believe that better times are ahead, and we’re happy to say that bookswapping is not languishing at all.  We hit two new records in this new year already – most books posted in one day hit a new high on January 3rd, and the next day a record number of books were requested!   Thanks so much as always for making our club the best book swap site on the Internet; we plan great things for this year and we’re glad you’ll be part of it.
We do wish each and every one of you the very best for 2009,

Richard and
the PaperBackSwap Team

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