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Dear Members, Newsletter – June 2007

Whew! What a month it has been. The new site rolled out on May 14th, as you know, and after a flurry of bugfixes, all has been well. We appreciate your patience with them, and your efforts in reporting any problems you had; with our members’ help, we were able to get everything smoothed out quickly. We also appreciate all the suggestions that were made for “tweaks” to the interface, and most of them have been incorporated. The site will continue to evolve, of course–it is a work in progress always–but we are happy with how it looks and works now, and according to the feedback we have received, so are most of you! Thanks so much for all your messages and help. If we haven’t gotten to your suggestion yet, don’t worry, it’s on our list of things to consider!

Now that the new site design is in place, we can get to implementing some of the new features we have had planned. We liked the old site, too, but it was upgraded about as far as we could take it. Now that PBS 2.0 is in place, some great ideas can become reality. We think you will love what’s coming!

A word to all our military members and families–we hope that this past Memorial Day found your loved ones safe. To those who have sacrificed so much serving our country, we give our unending gratitude. Military addresses at PBS are listed as (city/state) APO/AE or FPO/AE. We encourage all of our “stateside” members to request books from these addresses–every book sent out will get the military member a credit to get another book. When you’re far from home, books in English can seem like a lifeline. You can use the Search to find these members: just click Search in the toolbar at the top of the site, choose “Browse Member Books” and enter APO or FPO in the field for city; choose AE from the dropdown menu for State.

And of course, everyone, don’t forget to sign the petition to Stop the Fires and Save the Books! Send the message that there are people who still love reading–and many of them are at PBS.

Thanks as always,

The PaperBackSwap Team

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