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Dear Members, Newsletter – June 2008

It’s June, the month for Grads and Dads!
Congratulations to all of you who are graduating from anything this month…and for those of you who aren’t, here are some ways to join the Class of 2008:

  • Graduate from Clutter.  Post those books you don’t need anymore!  If they were textbooks, remember to read the textbook exception for highlighting/underlining in the Help Center Book Condition Guidelines.  Get those books outta there and on to someone else who needs/wants them, and make way for new ones!
  • Graduate from I-have-to-finish-it syndrome. If the book you are reading is not your cup of tea, just close it and post it to your PBS Bookshelf for swapping.  Life’s too short to finish a book that you don’t like (but someone else might enjoy), just because you opened it.  Free yourself!  Getting a new book no longer means buying another one: you can swap this one, and order something else.
  • Graduate from Where the Heck is that Book? when one is requested from you.  Use Book Journal and your requests will show the physical space in your house to which you have assigned the book, right on the request.
  • Graduate from Prime Time Addiction. Come on, you know most of the stuff on TV in the summer is the junk they can’t sell any other time.  Turn it off, hide the remote, and dig into your TBR Pile!
  • Graduate from The Same Old Song. If you haven’t joined SwapaCD, then you have to check it out this week!  The changes that are launching today will blow you away.  No lie.  SwapaCD members, get ready for a whole new World o’Swap!

To all the Dads out there: we hope you have a great Father’s Day, with all those ties you don’t need, barbecue accessories you don’t need, and ear-hair-trimmers you don’t want to admit you need (but ahem).   Seriously, we know the presents don’t matter; the day is all about dads feeling appreciated for all they do, and have done, to get kids ready to go out on their own in the world.   But take comfort, those of you who have kids graduating this month: they don’t ever really leave.  They’ll be back…with laundry.
>Have a great June, everyone, and a happy Father’s Day!
Richard and
The PaperBackSwap Team

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