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Dear Members, Newsletter – March 2008

March is…National Foot Health Month, National Furniture Refinishing Month, National Frozen Food Month, National Noodle Month, and National Peanut Month. We’re gonna celebrate by eating frozen Pad Thai with our pedicured feet on our refinished dining room table, every single day!  How about you?

Well, we have a way for you to celebrate March, no feet OR peanuts involved: it’s time for another Contest!  Yes, the 2,000,000-book Milestone Contest is here!  We are giving away huge prizes, and allowing for more winners than ever. The way it works: Each member gets one guess at the precise minute that the PBS library contains two million available books.  Yes, that means when the two-millionth available book is posted.  Remember that the counter at the top of the site records books as they are posted–as they are requested (or put on hold), the number may fall again.  But when the book is posted that puts the number of available books over 2 million, that is the winning time!  You can submit guesses here beginning Monday March 10, 2008 at 12 NOON ET, and you have until the counter at the top of the site shows 1,995,000 books to submit your guess.  We will announce the winners on the contest page when the results have been tabulated.   For rules and prize descriptions, please see the Contest Page on the site. Good luck to everyone!

On a more somber note, we were so touched to hear from one of our members, who recently lost her husband.   She wanted to send a message of thanks to all who contacted her.
“How do I say thank you to all of the wonderful PBSers, who have helped me through this most difficult time? Every day I get cards, flowers, gifts or just a PM saying “thinking of you.” Late at night when sleep eludes me, I come to PBS and it lifts me up to see how many have put my sunny avatar in their signature and how many have a kind word to say to or about me. I wish I could convey how loved and special each word, each gesture makes me feel. From Richard and Robert to many whose name I don’t recognize, the outpouring of love and support for me is overwhelming. Thank you for filling a portion of an empty heart.” Cozette (CozSnShine)
Cozette, our thoughts are with you.  Things like this remind us that PaperBackSwap is more than a bookswapping club–it really is a family.

We wish all of our PBS family a wonderful March and great reading!

Richard and Robert
and The PaperBackSwap Team

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