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Dear Members; PBS Market Madness, Winner of October NewsWire Contest

Getting ready for Thanksgiving, everyone?  Football, food and friends…what a great day!  Yes, there’s a lot of work to get ready, but we shouldn’t forget to take time for fun.  In that spirit, we not only have a new PBS NewsWire contest for you, but we also have created a new feature – Market Madness!  During Market Madness, every book you purchase in the PBS Market gets you a chance to win free book credits in a weekly drawing.  Read the details in NEWS below.

But first, the winner of the October contest!  If you recall, the challenge was to order six Stephen King books according to how many times each was swapped here at PBS, from most-swapped to least-swapped.  The books were Firestarter, Misery, Duma Key, The Stand, Cujo and Carrie.  The correct order was The Stand, Duma Key, Carrie, Misery, Firestarter and Cujo.  We had many near-misses, but only a few totally correct answers.  From those correct answers we chose one lucky winner…drumroll, please…Catherine L. ! 10 free book credits have been deposited into her account.   Congratulations to Catherine, and our thanks to everyone who played.

Remember that in between all the shopping/cooking/cleaning of the month, there’s always time for a good book!

We hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving,

Richard and
The PaperBackSwap Team

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