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Earth Day Book Give-Away


Happy Earth Day!


To celebrate Mother Earth, we are giving away a prize package of 2 books!


Principles of Geology by Charles Lyell

One of the key works in the nineteenth-century battle between science and Scripture, Charles Lyell’s Principles of Geology (1830-33) sought to explain the geological state of the modern Earth by considering the long-term effects of observable natural phenomena. Written with clarity and a dazzling intellectual passion, it is both a seminal work of modern geology and a compelling precursor to Darwinism, exploring the evidence for radical changes in climate and geography across the ages and speculating on the progressive development of life. A profound influence on Darwin, Principles of Geology also captured the imagination of contemporaries such as Melville, Emerson, Tennyson and George Eliot, transforming science with its depiction of the powerful forces that shape the natural world.

ISBN 9780140435283, Trade Size Paperback

Rocks and Minerals A Guide to Field Identification – Golden Field Guide from St. Martin’s Press

Covering rocks and minerals form around the world—from brilliant Brazilian Aquamarine to Wulfenite from Arizona’s Red Cloud Mine—this unique guide was created for the serious mineral enthusiast or rock collector. Rocks and Minerals fills the gap between academic texts and popular books by providing a magnificent rock and mineral catalog in glowing color, plus tips on where they are found.

ISBN 9781582381244, Mass Market Paperback

To enter, simply leave a comment on this Blog post. You must be a PaperBackSwap member to win.



We will choose 1 winner at random from comments we receive here on the Blog from PBS members.



You have until Sunday, April, 20 2014 at 12 noon EDT, to leave a comment.



Good Luck to everyone!





Note: All the books given away on Free Book Friday are available in the PBS Market. We have thousands of new and new overstock titles available right now, with more added hourly. Some of the prices are amazing – and you can use a PBS credit to make the deal even better!



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18 Responses to “Earth Day Book Give-Away”

  1. Alana L. (racemom) , says:

    Happy Earth Day to everyone (and Happy Birthday to me)!

  2. Nancy W. (BrownEyesBlue) says:

    Happy Earth Day. And Happy Birthday Alana!

  3. Mabel B says:

    Awesome, Happy earth day 😊

  4. Jennifer R. says:

    It goes without saying (but I will say it anyway) that I’d love to read both of these. For Earth Day, I’m using my computer and electricity less (mm) and upping my natural resources intake (reading by the sunlight of an open window).

    Jennifer R (cucina1520)

  5. Theresa C says:

    These books look very interesting and I am excited to read them.

  6. Christa L. (kurrlee) says:

    Happy Earth Day! 🙂

  7. Matthew Schwartz (mschwartz315) , says:

    Happy Earth Day! These look like great book choices.

  8. Desmond W. (desmond) says:

    Count me in, please!

  9. Mollie P. (molliep) says:

    Happy Earth Day!

  10. Cynthia Phillips says:

    Great prizes! Happy Earth Day!

  11. LaToyia M. (latoyiam) says:

    Happy Earth everyone! I love Paperbackswap. I’ve sent out 2 book so far. I haven’t received any of my books yet, but I’m just enjoying sharing my reading material with someone else who will a get something out it.

  12. Vicki B. says:

    These books look interesting. My son is learning about this subject in school.

  13. Dee W. (dwolters) says:

    Would love to read and win. Thanks

  14. Sandy G. (Sandee60) , says:

    I’ve been a fan of Ms. Raybourn’s books since Silence in the Grave, and never miss getting all that she’s written since. What a gift for writing she has, I even re-read them. I can’t wait for the newest books she mentioned in your blog.
    I’ve been a member of PBS for quite awhile, and have always had great results. I’m a total bookworm, and enjoy reading, and I find many, many good books to keep me turning pages into the wee hours of the night. Thank you PBS!

  15. Chris (challada) says:

    Wow! Looks like awesome writing and I can’t wait to read! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Stephen T. (composer) says:

    Happy Earth Day!

  17. Jeannetta M. (gerardina) says:

    Every Day is Happy Earth Day!

  18. Pam Eider says:

    My son would love this book?

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