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Erotica Review – Into The Crossfire

Into the Crossfire (Protectors, bk. 1) by Lisa Marie Rice

Review by Cynthia F. (frazerc)


Good read with an action based plot.  An enjoyable read-once and I’m looking for the sequel so it’s a solid 4 star read.

The setting is San Diego [one of my favorite places] but other than the occasional comment about the sea and listening to the waves on the balcony nothing is particularly pertinent to the city.

The hero is Sam Reston, an ex-Seal, now a very successful security consultant.  He’s working undercover on the night shift at the docks at the moment so when he swings by his office he’s dirty, unwashed, and looking at least nearly as dangerous as he is.  So of course he meets the heroine; Nicole Pearce, a dainty, cultured, wearing haute couture and now renting the office across from his.  He falls instantly into obsession, she hopes the scary thug is only a temporary employee of the company across the hall…

Some time later he rescues her from being locked out of her office and ‘charges’ her a date for dinner.  Since he did rescue her and he has cleaned up his act a little, she agrees.  He picks her up at her home and discovers her father is very ill. He passes the first hurdle by dealing with it with grace and treating her father with dignity.  During dinner she realizes she is actually very attracted to him so she gives him The Talk:  Her father is dying, she’s trying to get her translation business up and running but is barely covering Dad’s medical bills – she simply has no time to have a relationship.  He listens politely, informs her he admires her caring and he isn’t scared off.  Since there’s a nurse with her father she goes for it.  25 pages of Energizer bunny sex ensue…

Meanwhile there’s a terrorist plot against the US discovered by a minor French civil servant who slips the warning into the middle of a file that he is sending to Nicole’s office to be translated. – right before he’s killed by the terrorists.  Now there’s a hit out on Nicole and an order to get the file back at any cost.

The plot continues with multiple kidnappings, assaults, attempted murders, and, of course, rescues in the nick of time, and [of course] more Energizer bunny sex.

Protectors Series

1. Into the Crossfire

2. Hotter Than Wildfire

3. Nightfire (due out Feb 2012 )

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2 Responses to “Erotica Review – Into The Crossfire”

  1. Jerseygirltoo says:

    Cynthia, how would you compare this to Suzanne Brockmann’s SEAL books? I’m a fan of her books, and this one sounds like it does have a half-decent plot besides the erotica factor.

  2. Rebecca T. (solticeart) says:

    not my cuppa . but glad others like it..

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