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Erotica Review – Tempting Turquoise

Tempting Turquoise: An Anthology

by Amy Ruttan, Elaine Lowe and Regina Carlysle

Rain God / Feral Moon / Veins of Turquoise

Review by Cynthia F. (frazerc)



Very loosely themed anthology – all stories have turquoise in them.


Rain God by Amy Ruttan

This is a futuristic – all surface water has vanished from earth – people live in space stations and L5 colonies.  Our heroine is looking for water that might be hidden deep in the earth – but finds a piece of turquoise instead.  She returns to her station only to find out the turquoise contains a hunky guy who claims to be the God of Rain.  He tells her all they have to do is make love in the ‘Heart’ and rain will return the waters to the earth.  If you can ignore all the ‘Huh?’ moments, it’s an OK read.


Feral Moon by Regina Carlysle

Shifter story – lots of angsty lust – followed by lots and lots of wild sex with various numbers of partners.  And the turquoise in this story is in the h/h’s rings – which pop out and get used as vibrators.  Yeah, made no sense to me either.


Veins of Turquoise by Elaine Lowe

Another futuristic which manages to blend avatars, virtual sex, cyberspace, hacking, and an intelligent planet all into one story.  The heroine manages to discover real sex, commune with the alien consciousness and save the world – all in the space of 90 pages.  The whole thing jumps around a bit but I thought it was the best read of the lot.




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