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Ever Wonder “Why Wasn’t My Request Accepted?” Newsletter – October 2005

Well, wonder no more. Now members whose requests are not accepted are able to see why. Any time a request is turned down by a member, they must provide the reason why they are not able to keep their commitment to swapping the books they have posted to the site.

If your request was turned down due to Requestor Conditions and there is no other copy of the book available, you will be notified. Please keep in mind that if you maintain your conditions, there will be an active copy of the book in the system, so you will not be able to Wish List the book.

As a reminder, you should only post books that you are willing to trade. Also, you should only Wish List books that you are willing to request when they become available. Lastly, your Requestor Conditions should be within reason. Given these standards, we should rarely see book requests being turned down. A count of the number of requests turned down is kept for each member.

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