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Fantasy Friday – Endurance


Endurance by Jay Lake


Review by Bowden P. (Trey)



Well, I got my wish from the my review of Green – I got to see what happens next. I lucked into an ARC of Endurance and it answers my question and then some. Endurance picks up four months after the events of Green in the hills above Copper Downs with Selistans looking for Green. Also, her friend Ilona tells her that she needs to talk to a living ghost who steers her to the ghost of an ancient king with a warning for Green and Copper Downs… From there Green plunges back into the events and politics of Copper Downs where things are still roiling from the death of the Undying Duke and the theogeny of Endurance.

This is a hard review to write – not because I didn’t like it. I really enjoyed it and stayed up late to finish it. No, its difficult because I’m afraid I’ll spoil everything if I’m not careful.

Green is her usual self – clever, quick witted and fast moving. Also razor tongued, bossy and ill tempered. All of these aspects of her personality play into the events of Endurance, both as strengths and weaknesses. I won’t go into too much details for fear of spoilers, but Green makes at least two huge mistakes. One in understanding, another in who she trusts. The “Aha! Oh, crap!” moments are worth the price of admission for me at least. Because from there, she has to apologize, ask forgiveness, help people who have wronged her and try to fix things that all her clever plans have set in motion. Add in that there are god killers on the loose, and its a complex, spicy mix – a bit like the description of the curry she makes in one scene.

I liked it for the same reasons I liked Green. Green herself, though this phase of her maturation, is a bit harder to take. Granted, she is doing things she doesn’t want to do. The city of Copper Downs, its history and secrets – including the Sorcerer Engineers – make for some interesting contributions. Plus, the discoveries and revelations about complex world of the gods and the role of the priests.

I give it four and half stars. Why four and half? For that dratted middle of the series syndrome that Lake largely avoids, but still leaves me looking for the forthcoming Kalimpura.


Likes: Green and her growing up; Copper Downs; The titanics/elder gods; Sorcerer Engineers; Fate of the god killers for irony.


Dislikes: That the book ends in success not victory and promises to take Green back to Selistan and Kalimpura. How is this a dislike? I want to see what happens next!


Suggested for: Fans of P.C. Hodgell, early J.G. Keyes and strong female leads.

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  1. VOSTROMO says:

    Anybody got the number of the babe on the cover?

  2. Rebecca T. (solticeart) says:

    sounds good! Ill have to ck into this series…

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